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  1. Peter love your cameo appearance. Looking strong....
  2. chefspop


    I have been on this site for about a year and its fantastic. An excellent place to store your training data also. For $60 a year its also well worth joining up for the premium membership.
  3. chefspop


    Yes that is a big sin Pete on Strava. There are idiots riding around on scooters with their 500's and its pretty obvious. Best way is to go to your ride click Actions and delete ride or flag it.
  4. I'm doing the 200k/6:20. Its been a couple of years since I did it. Last time I only managed the 140k. Fantastic event. Probably one of the best I've done.
  5. Spoken in St Kilda does have them. Or they did about 2-3 months ago. Same prices as on the website (without shipping).
  6. Sad... Another link http://au.news.yahoo.com/thewest/a/-/newsh...crash-in-spain/
  7. I'm going up. Anybody got some tips on a good place to watch the action? Close to Transition?
  8. chefspop

    balance bands

    Holy sh!t batman. Increases core strength and power by as much as 500%. I can't wait to get onto one of these and start riding around at 1000w. Its in the Daily Telegraph and all the NRL players are onto it so my GOD it must be true... Article
  9. Hey I'm going to be there in Nov and have been thinking the same thing. However I'm wondering what would be better. Paying the 15% or whatever sales tax for NYC and then taking the bike home in a box or else ordering there and having them ship it?
  10. I think Lance Armstrong twittered during last years tour that the top speed during a decent on one particular day was 114kph.
  11. chefspop

    Bike Pjorn

    My favourite at the moment...
  12. Who wears Tsubi anymore anyway? Geez its not 2008 anymore.
  13. News said it was a 45 year old male. On Two Bays Rd. 27 year old male driver will not be charged.
  14. seems really cheap actually with a 1080 and 808 for an s-works. doesn't seem quite right.
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