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  1. cheers mate. think this is 5 since Devonport but has been 3 or 4 years since last. Making a comeback after some life changes. And last time at Shep was a DNF so was there to make ammends. Did that and finished. It just came back and bit me on the arse hard 45 minutes later. Distances may have not looked 20 but was far less blatant cheating than ive seen before. From the TO group im in there was one infringement.
  2. pretty sure i passed just before end of ride??? Love the venue. didnt love the temperature. Grass was nice and soft for my impromptu lay down half an hour after the finish. Thanks to the medical staff and passersby and Ayto for the assistance and hospital visit.
  3. Went to watch Trannie friends at Port Mac. decided id volunteer while there. Helped on the Saturday and in change tent after swim. then had day to myself. Great day. Havent been to another yet.
  4. A Zed

    Delly Carr

    thats awesome news. My inferiority complex every time I see his work pop up shall continue.
  5. Came here for a look after hearing the bad news about Nick. Already in a very fragile state Im not sure it was wise but my best wishes to all those doing it tough especially Ayto.
  6. Interesting that the race booklet seems more comprehensive than the actual RCR. Definitely think the RCR is a little light on at times.
  7. I use a TomTom multisport with cardio and love it. As for the colour, the bands are easily changeable. And most importantly a quick bluetooth upload to your phone for Strava.
  8. A Zed

    Rio Team

    Birtwhistle for a medal 2020.
  9. If the mother had done tbe runner with the kids would they tried same.
  10. My initials. And i had to emphasise its zed not zee. Now using #zednotzee on all my instagram work and custom clothing for my business.
  11. Oooh this is all too close to home, even the letting it get to me too much when i dont have to. Cheap cameras and social media making it easy to get praise for crap work.clueless people undercutting by a mile makes business bloody hard. My business sits on the verge of "making it" but cant get over the line still. The fact i read this first in the mental health thread is very pertinent, as its certainly played a big part on my frail mental health and had plenty of air time with the psychologist. From personal experience all you can do is ignore and do your own thing, do it better
  12. The cheats are gunna hate everyone else doing what they already do.
  13. A Zed

    Foam rollers

    Saw a ten year old with one under his arm off to aths carnival today
  14. A Zed

    Cheap triathlons

    Raced state duathlon champs for $30 and im not a member. Half ironman in feb I think is around the $130 mark
  15. #zednotzee locked in as inclusion on my new cycling/tri gear
  16. Cheers GSP. (Its zed not zee ) Never liked that duathlon first run. Thankfully only tris available now. Lose less ground in the swim.
  17. Coles Bay Tasmania in Feb Joe
  18. Snapped chain didnt quite let things go to plan
  19. Thanks bike is sorted. Im sure there are new ones to replace them
  20. Hello Trannies, Im A Zed, Im doing a duathlon tomorrow - the first of hopefully a few races this summer. 5/20/2.5 Its gunna hurt having to go fast for that long rather than plodding along not caring how fast Im going. Ive had some shite years the last few. Coincides remarkably with being forced to give up Trannies??? wtf is with that. Mental health up the shitter, gave up full time work to work for myself pursuing my photography (and part time in a school canteen) fitness followed very closely behind my sanity out the window. Ive done a lot of running, but nothing serious, or
  21. Have seen msgs to club. If no response very shortly from pres will spread word further my self through club
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