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  1. I picked up a Jamis Renegade S4 today. It was available, in my size and ready to go on 24 hours notice. Same bike shop had an S3 too, but it isn't ready and they don't know when it will be. So, while the S3 was a better option, I went with the "I want it now" approach. Realistically, the S4 is going to be up to anything I'm looking at in the near future anyway.
  2. Mate, good luck! Anything you can get for $300 is going to be "interesting" 2nd hand market has a big Covid Tax on it right now.
  3. MJK, do you see this method being the way for any AG triathlete regardless of distance? Would it apply equally to people topping out at Oly distance for example?
  4. Nobody has any policies. "Not as crap as <them>" is pretty much all anyone has to offer lately.
  5. Definitely terrible. Especially when you're starting out. Gotta be Dory. (Definitely don't be Tyno)
  6. They seem to have doubled down on the anti Trump stuff, so you'd assume they have solid reasoning behind it. Playing more for the disgruntled Republicans or non-committed, rather than try to convince the MAGA crew? Only time will tell if it's a good strategy.
  7. Tyno

    All things NRL

    Oh, if my boss wants to pay me $1 million to walk away, I'm all for it
  8. Tyno

    All things NRL

    I'm not convinced Kevvie can actually coach worth a damn, so he'd be perfect for the Broncos.
  9. As someone currently looking - this is very true. Epic Cycles has a few in stock, but most of your bigger brand stores are waiting for limited stock to arrive.
  10. Tyno


    Apparently a proven case of re-infection: So, where to from here?
  11. While I think DJT has taken the general theme of politicians saying "not untrue" things with a little spin on them and just gone with outright falsehoods, the underlying point that politics is/politicians are just more and more fast and loose with the truth is valid.
  12. Tyno


    I read the list of places. Crikey, that’s a lot of venues.
  13. I went down to Currumbin Alley today. It was so flat Ironman are looking at it for a bike course. My complete lack of fitness, core strength and terrible balance make surfing an interesting choice 😂
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