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  1. The main downside of buying one is that it’s not a Cervelo.
  2. Well that’s a true possibility but given the past mid term elections, and recent results from Kentucky and Virginia, maybe what you are saying is coming directly from the republican book of talking points but is not necessarily the reality on the ground. The real issue for democrats is not swing voters but voter turn out and this could well be their key to energize the democratic base (along with a decent progressive candidate). Irrespective though, history will never forget what happened to this president because of this impeachment process and I personally think that alone is a good
  3. Trump will be impeached, but most definitely not convicted. The strategy for the democrats now is political damage, and they are doing a decent job at it by all standards. Some of the career diplomats in the public hearings have served multiple presidents both republican and Democratic. Despite what the fear mongering deep state conspiracy theorists may tell you, their testimony is compelling and will continue to sway public opinion.
  4. I would have laughed if you were funny
  5. Firstly, the front wheel is fine. Now with that out of the way, you are going to be much better off getting an 11 speed cassette and shaving a bit of the back to fit in the 10 speed hub. Most bike shops should be able to do that for you. Depending on how old your rear wheel is you may be able to replace the hub for an 11 speed one but it will cost you quite a bit more.
  6. Wow are you really peddling Epstein conspiracy theories now 🤦‍♂️. Others are asking the same question... (trigger warning for you and more that Hillary Boogeyman Clinton appears on this video)
  7. The guy that blocks people who disagree with him is trying to preach about entitlement to different views 🙄
  8. He has also spoken to a Mexican once.
  9. Ironjimbo’s definition of left is anyone who disagrees with him or his daddy.
  10. Still peanuts, and the point stands.
  11. Since IJ likes to quote CNN’s “disappointment” regarding the death of an ISIS leader how about we take a look at the equivalent coverage of Bin Laden’s desth? https://www.breitbart.com/national-security/2012/09/11/obama-foreign-policy-but-he-killed-bin-laden/ I’ll edit to quote some gems...
  12. Wow, I didn’t know this was a thread about Obama. Classic from the book of deflection. What’s next? Benghazi? Hillary Clinton? The Bidens in Ukraine? Do you really think $40m is a lot for someone of his profile to make a few years after leaving the office? 400 x 12 x 8 is already 38 million in salary so that $40 million you’re quoting is probably missing a few dollars and your implication that he is “getting paid somehow” has sort of come up empty. I’ll remind you that just his wife’s book alone sold 1.5 million copies in the first week and is one of the best selling books in history
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