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  1. There’s a great recent podcast from the NYT The Daily if you’re interested in this stuff https://www.nytimes.com/2021/02/14/podcasts/the-daily/scam-call-centers.html
  2. This may also help https://searchtech.com.au
  3. Ended up finding a second hand Spectral here for half the price of a new so cancelled the Canyon order 🙌
  4. Short term CGT in the US will take about 35% of those earnings unfortunately. Still for some lucky ones it could be a small fortune, even after taxes are paid.
  5. Just pulled the trigger on a Canyon Spectral CF7 in large. May delivery unfortunately so it’s going to be a bit of a wait. Thanks all!
  6. The newest version will have more processing power, which Zwift requires a lot of. It should work fine on the non 4K version but I’d go with a more future proof version if the difference in price is not substantial.
  7. Yeah I'm starting to think medium might be a bit on the small side for me, thanks both!
  8. I’m looking for a second hand MTB to explore some trails around where we live. I am usually a 56cm roadie, 54 TT frame. Currently looking at a Scott Spark 950 in medium. It has a seat tube length of 44cm. Is it going to be too small for me? I feel I’m usually ok between medium/large so in the case of a mtb would it be best to go smaller or larger when in between sizes?
  9. Apparently the outgoing president left a letter for Biden in the Oval Office. It has since been published... PS: For those who are not sure, this is not real.
  10. I'd be very surprised if she has any control over what and when to refund money for cancelled accommodation, as it should all be in the terms and conditions of your booking. Booking.com is the one that charged your card and they will be the ones refunding it, and then deducting for any credit they may have passed on to the property owner.
  11. Hopefully your conveyancer advised you to take out home insurance against the property from the day the contract was signed, even if with conditions. If not, I’d be getting on to it online immediately (I’m with Suncorp and they seem ok).
  12. It’s often a game of perception, they need to show that they squeezed every little penny left out of you so the vendor is satisfied it is as much as they are going to get. Personally, I think you are crazy to risk walking away from a property for the sake of $2k (provided you really wanted the place). In the big scheme of things, that’s an insignificant amount and you could always counter offer with a little bit less and meet them in the middle. In this case it worked for you but I bet you would’ve been bummed if they came back and said they sold it to someone that offered $1k more than y
  13. Also re: conveyancer you don’t have to pay for one each time an offer goes in. Once you engage with one they will usually review multiple contracts until you find a place. Make sure you ask that question but that is normally how it works. Settlement is really up for negotiation, usually 30 days but can be whatever suits both seller and buyer. Also make sure the property is not tenanted as you will need to honor whatever contract they may have in place. We recently bought a property up in Queensland so feel free to ping me If you have any other questions.
  14. In Queensland it is pretty standard to make a formal offer through a contract of sale. This is the negotiation starting point and will include how much you want to pay for the place and also the conditions and deadlines for the contract to become binding. These typically include build & pest (14 days) and finance (21 days) if you are going to get a mortgage. Once the seller signs the contract they cannot pull out. The buyer then has the option to pull out based on the findings of your build & pest inspection, or if you are unable to obtain finance to finalize the purchase within t
  15. I suppose it depends on what media you watch. Conservative media tried to align the violent BLM protests with the Democrats, liberal media will likely do the same and try to align the DC protesters with Trump. Having said that, the protesters in DC have been empowered and instigated by the commander in chief who urged them to march to the Capitol and fight. So it is not that much of a stretch to imagine that it had some effect on the people who decided to do just that.
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