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  1. Sadly a Triathlon legend and all round great guy Digger Elrick passed away peacefully today with his family by his side. Its a sad loss for the Victorian triathlon community and he certainly helped myself alot as a junior and continued to be involved in the sport as much as he could after his accident many, many years ago. Digger was a founding member of Mornington Peninsula Triathlon Club, a State and National champion and a loveable larikin. A fighter to the end. Rest in peace Dig.
  2. I'm guessing the attitude test was failed when spoken to.
  3. If zwift races count then yes. I haven't run for over 4 years due to knee issues/general dislike for running.
  4. Rode on zwift. Again. I miss outside.
  5. Nope, I haven't raced a Triathlon in 4 years and I've saved enough coin to buy a ferrari* I have zero interest in rolling around to finish 50th, already got my medal. *Almost.
  6. 1281 on the aussie team. That's a bloody joke, it's the world champs not a participation race. Triathlon has gone soft. I guess everyone will go home with a medal....
  7. But then people would have to learn to swim!!!
  8. Im currently wearing a boot during the day for the same issue to avoid light duties at work. It seems to be helping but my PF has been hanging around for 8 weeks. Have an appointment on Friday to see what the damage is
  9. Freak

    IM Malaysia 2015

    I'm off to the airport tonight. Pre Race Excuses: Fat, not fit, stress reaction in left foot, knee reco 12 mths ago. Apart from that I did shave my legs for the first time in months, so there is 3 seconds I've saved.
  10. Macca posted that he just finished 2nd in a bike race behind Nick Gates. Doesn't look worried.
  11. Because posting grievances on facestalk always ends well.
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