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  1. New year bump and a price drop.
  2. Hey There, I havent been around here for quite a while now, due to back issues I've not ridden or raced for a couple of years now and thought I'd sell my road bike (I'll keep my P3 for now). Its a 2009 (I think) Argon Krypton with Ultegra gears and brakes. Size M. Carbon bottle cages. I really don't recall the exact cost of the bike now, but I think it was about $2.5k. Everything is in really good condition never dropped it and had it serviced by Megabike/Euride in SA, if you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. $700 ono (excluding freight). I'm in A
  3. Hi, If you've got a jogging stroller that is in good condition that you dont use anymore, please drop me a line. I'll pay up to a couple of hundred dollars ex shipping so I'm not expecting the latest BOB Ironman model or anything Prefer a tri-wheel with large diameter wheels as I often run on uneven surfaces. I'm based in Adelaide but regularly travel interstate so can pick up if required or we can organise freight. PM is the best way to get me. Thanks.
  4. Hi Nealo, Forums like bimmerpost, bimmerfest and bimmerboost can be good resources. If you can find an E46 with a solid known history, they are a great car. I'm not aware of any long term issues with these cars, they are bloody well built. Find a good mechanic and have them look over the car for you, in the long run you might as well use them for servicing as well. Forget the dealer, it justs costs too much through them. I'd think about a manual if I were you, so much more engaging to drive. Like you I started looking at E46 M3's and in the end bought a 1M Coupe. Abosolutel
  5. Hi Tortoise, I just came back from a swim at Fitness on Flinders (http://www.fitnessonflinders.com/) 235 Flinders St. Its right in the city so if your conference is in the CBD, it would be walking distance. 25M pool only, but generally not busy if you go outside 11am-2pm. There are M& F change rooms / showers and there are two fast lanes, one medium and a slow lane. Not sure what a casual swim costs but I would guess around $7 ?? Cheers Matt
  6. Definitely agree, any info on the HED3 / Disc combo would be appreciated.
  7. Thanks, just the type of feedback I was looking for. It doesn't seem that the Simkin brakes come at much of a premium (well, in comparison with say SRAM RED anyway).
  8. Good question, that's why I prefaced with "perhaps". I'm pretty open to whatever is stronger / faster / better, let's leave budget out of this for now.
  9. The Simkin Eggs look pretty nice, I will read up more on these. I was going to get SRAM RED brakes, but these are not much more at all. Whether or not they really make an aero difference wouldn't be as important to be as their stopping ability. Anyone care to comment on this?
  10. mate, PM me with the model of 3T aero bars you are looking to onsell.
  11. Yeah I think a 44 inner would be better as well. I'll still keep the 39 if I need it for a hilly course.
  12. Thanks for the feedback, will check out those bars. Yep, it is a 53/39, I have thought about replacing the inner chainring, I think I may as well get it done during the build. Great idea I'll most likely go Zipp 404/808 Combo, just makes it a bit more usable in windy conditions. I'm also considering a custom respray of the frame before I put it all back together. I'd prefer to make this baby fairly original (stuff the resale value!). Just looking for a someone who could do such a job in SA.
  13. Basically the Argon was the wrong size for me (long story), and I needed a frame more suited to my dimensions and flexibility given my recent lower back troubles.
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