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  1. Thanks Bored@ I guess we'll give it one more shot with policatl threads... If we cant all get along then maybe it's best we just dont have them here anymore... Is that fair? For those of you openly admitting to trolling just for fun you might find we now just lock your account for good. It's not helping anyone and it's just creating work for mods etc.
  2. Thanks to Bored@ for keeping an eye on this one for us all... It got stupid and I dont think we need a Trump thread anymore. This one is getting locked. Maybe if we have another political thread we can all respect each others opions without abusing one another and being petty? I live in the US and there is enough of that bullshit here with political stuff (if not worse). The other part of my brain wonders why everyone in AUS cares so much? Does it really mean that much to Australians that dont live in the US?
  3. The whole place is about to get an update. Takes a bit more work than we thought to make it work how we want... Maybe end of January or so.
  4. You read it again after I had deleted the part I had an issue with from a couple of posts.
  5. The impact of riots is miniscule compared with covid in the US. I don't often post, but man the amount of armchair folk that have exactly SFA idea about what it's really like on the ground in the US is hilarious. Do you even completely understand what the whole BLM is about (I think it should be about all minorities) Do you kniw how marginalised people are treated here? Until you've lived here and experienced that I can 100% tell you that you've got no clue. For the most part, yes, the protests have been peaceful. There are some that got way out of control. Do I agree with it,
  6. This topic has had some editing by me. Again it's an example of timing of a joke. It's ok to crack a joke here and there, but pick your time and topic. There was no need for about 5 or 6 of those posts going back and forwards. It's probably a good lesson, just because someone calls you out doesnt mean you need to turn it into a fight/disagreement that takes over a thread that had some good info.
  7. I still use the Xlab with zipper, but the newer ones are better without the zipper IMO. The profile one, Torhans, Dark Speed Works and Tririg are all worth a look. Xlab is a no for me, the stupid zipper got wrecked twice and I gave up.
  8. We'll leave the blue default option... It might change back and forth every now and then. But there will be only one option soon.
  9. feel free to pick it to bits if you know what you're doing
  10. So the logo has been updated and the site is now getting new colours and styles etc. It already got an update a couple of months back and will get another soonish when we switch platforms.
  11. we're just fiddling around with the look and feel of it... Blue looked stupid. Red and Yellow of the logo isn't easy to work with either... Anyone a graphic designer that wants to have a stab? Note the logo also got an update to something cleaner
  12. Just an FYI, everyone that is helping out moderating and the like does so on their time. Please take it easy on them as they're just helping out.
  13. Hopefully the comment gave a bit more info? I didn’t have time to write it when I removed some stuff.
  14. Flanman wanted an explaination of why some posts where removed. Reason being is "member A" requested they be taken down on behalf of another "member B". I dont think it's fair to Member B to have that aired here, at the moment (I dare say we'll have some good discussion in a month or two) I agreed with Member A after being given some of the back story (legal action) that we should probably leave that part of the story until after said action is finished.
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