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  1. Enjoy the ford or holden wins now, it won't be long before they won't be racing....
  2. Great race today, good to see new names at the front end and it shows that the form early in the year only gets you to the start line.
  3. not going to get over the 100 page mark lol
  4. 2:44 fastest run split in 8th spot
  5. Good enough for me. Aussie 1, 2, 3
  6. isn't Liz Blatchford an aussie?
  7. wow, mckenzie breakout with a 2:57 at Kona.
  8. interesting that carfrae is slowing
  9. Can we claim a 1,2 with Rinnie and Luke?
  10. Is Andrew Starykowicz the new Chris Lieto?
  11. Ivan rana to run the fastest run of the day.
  12. Now that would be cool. Be she has to slow doesn't she when in the lead to ensure she wins??
  13. however it ends, got give Luke credit for a fantastic race, took it on and really had a chance. Well done. gives aussies hope for the future
  14. Has everyone's feed gone?
  15. Hope she has last years problem sorted. of bigger interest is the bragging rights for fastest run split between her and hubby
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