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  1. Super Bowl 5 years ago was better
  2. I’m devastated. I don’t think I’ll be able to ever support Trump in the future.
  3. At some point you have to travel to the United States if you are going to race Kona well as a pro. Maybe that’s 3 months before, maybe that’s only 3 weeks prior to the race. Depends on the athlete. Making a wise selection of this US base seems to be an important part of the overall equation when it comes to delivering a top performance in the actual race. The covid hassle is another issue to factor in. Another option would do the Ironman specific preparation phase close by - in similar conditions and time zone - and fly in early on race week. Fiji for example: it has low covid rates of infecti
  4. Doesn’t his podium finish at IM Cairns guarantee him a Kona start this year? I thought it did as a regional championship. Therefore all he needs to do is apply to the federal government for a travel permit, which should be easy, and think of a relatively safe place to train and travel from. Also get a vaccine asap. It really shouldn’t be that hard for an Aussie pro that has qualified already ...
  5. Fascinating stuff. Personally I’ve been all about ‘the participation medals’ since way before 2009, even though I’ve done triathlons - off and on - since 1987. Happy with my status as a has been who never was.
  6. Breakfast with Bob. Daytona interview with Gustav @2.50 - the reason he chose the road bike was because Nice was only a week after Lausanne - which was his target A race - and he didn’t think it wise to change his bike position in such a short time (implying that he’d been on the road bike all year I presume). https://youtu.be/-3kOaZV07No @5minutes - as WTC have taken away the validation rule for this year’s race he’s planning on doing Kona after the Olympics.
  7. 5km climb at 6.5% gradient - pure climbing comparison and the TT bike comes out on top! Sacrebleu!
  8. A couple of GTN videos on the subject. In the first one Mark claims that research has shown that the aerodynamic advantages of a TT bike outweigh the weight and positioning advantages of a road bike for male professional triathletes for gradients up to 7.5% (but for us hackers that threshold is reached around 4%):
  9. There is that. Clearly the Venge was the better option.
  10. The Col De Vence is 9.5km at a pretty even 6% gradient. It’s not the same as the gradient on the final climb in last year’s TdF ITT - which had ramps of up to 20%. also the TDF ITT was a full gas, where every second counted. Even assuming that there was an advantage in climbing on the road bike on the Col - both before and after the Col De Vence the parcours of the rest of the bike course clearly favoured the TT. The assumed marginal gain of a road bike climbing at just below FTP for 9km is far outweighed by the aero advantages of a TT bike over the whole course.
  11. I doubt he had a product provider for the ITT bike at the time - given he was riding his ITU racing specialised Venge and his ITT that he used in Bahrain was a Giant (I think).
  12. The majority of the tri world knows shit. The professionals all get detailed advice from their equipment providers. None of them would have been saying ‘ride a road bike’ on the Nice Course.
  13. Sacrebleu! Cam is my pick for Kona this year.
  14. Both Luis and AB are in my top 4 picks for Tokyo as well. Along with Blumenthal. Iden will be two years older in Tokyo this year than he was at the test event. My next picks - on the next row of favouritism for a medal - include Jake and the Spaniards. Iden has clearly matured as an athlete since then, and I’m reminded about what Alistair Brownlee said back in 2009 about the difference in his performance that year (when he won everything) as compared to the Beijing Olympics (where he finished 8th?); he’d grown into his big boy legs. I think Iden’ s progression over the past two years
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