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  1. Andrew #1

    Wurf watch

    I doubt many pro triathletes are doing the same training across all three disciplines this year for obvious reasons. Doing 30km a week on average _ which is what his strava feed has it at, whilst racing the pro tour will not see his running go backwards. Nor will he struggle to get slowly back to 100km weeks over the off season. Come March next year he should be stronger across all three disciplines than he was in 2019. That said, I tend to agree with Peter. I think he’ll bag a top 3 in Kona before he’s done, but that little extra bit to translate into a win? I think he’ll need some luck.
  2. Andrew #1

    Wurf watch

    Why? You may not have noticed but there has been next to zero triathlon racing this year. He’s qualified for Kona next year already, and up until September was still keeping up with the running. Assuming there is some sort of covid normal next year, then he won’t have missed a step in his preparation for Kona - which will be more than 10 months away after the Vuelta wraps up in 3 weeks. In fact I reckon he’ll be stronger in his strongest discipline without compromising the other two ...
  3. The Rupeverse, via Trumpy’s new personal Aussie cypher - Maddie mad-dog Devine, recycles the same information that Trump was actually impeached for as a ‘new’ revelation, and you go gaga. I am astonished that the alt-right continue to draw parallels with 1984 (the novel) without any hint of irony or shame ... Tis’ truly the evening of the light of the world, and I despair.
  4. There is little doubt professional Ironman needs a shake up. were I the owner-ceo of Ironman I’d do everything I could to have Hawaii with a minimum $1 million purse, but paying 20 deep (and not the current 10 deep). Top 10 finishers have a guaranteed slot at next year’s race. I’d also have 4 or so regional championships but with a minus $250K in prize money, with the first 5 finishers guaranteed a slot at Kona. Outside that, several races would be run as “monuments” - I’d include IMNZ, IMA, bring back IM Japan and even sanction Roth (even though it’s a challenge race) an
  5. Many winners have come from a swimming background. Warren, Scott, Allen for starters, right through to ... Jan Frodono. Yep, the current IM champion and arguably the GOAT was a swimmer before later taking up triathlon in 2000. So, seems like you were wrong Peter. I actually think the mental discipline of swimming 60-100km a week I a 25/50 metre pool stands swimmers in good stead for triathlon. Some swimmers just can’t run, but for those that can - they end up being the world, Olympic and Ironman champions.
  6. President Comacho is the one true President.
  7. Andrew #1

    Le Tour 2020

    I don’t find any run under 10 seconds to be credible.
  8. No. That’s how his argument shape shifted. Last year I thought that Wurf could win with a 2:50 run. No more. I think he’d need a 2:45 and a good lead off the bike. One of the fastest, if not the fastest, runs on the day. And yes, I don’t think it’s a mere pipe dream that he could win Kona next year or 2022. The progression and the talent are both there.
  9. Richie is the one guy (at least since Armstrong) that I’ve long felt has the best chance to transition from pro cycling to pro Ironman and win Kona.
  10. So now we are just shouting the same points at each other. WTF?
  11. Nobody said it was. FFS (although Norman was just just jogging and giving random high fives back in 2004 he was that far ahead doing up the final hill into town).
  12. Since 2017 the fastest run has belonged to the winner. 2014 - Kienle won. I’m fairly sure he didn’t have the fastest run that day. From memory: 2015 - Frodo’s first win. Pretty sure He didn’t t have the fastest run split that day. Not sure about his win in 2016 either. the ‘bike for show, run for dough’ tag goes back to the days of the Kona peloton - where nearly everyone sat in the same bunch that would meander along for a 4:40 bike split before the fastest runner would win. That has all changed now. Before 2010 there were a few aberrations - LVL and Hellreigel getting aw
  13. I’ve been reading your sandbagging of Wurf for the past 3 years BB. You’ve been basically wrong the whole way through. Whereas he’s actually performed at or exceeded my expectations along the way. Last year he was 12 minutes behind Frodo. The year before he was 25 minutes behind Lange. The year before that, 37 minutes. I think he’s got another 10 minute progression in him on the run before he gets too old to make the big gains. I also reckon he’d lost a couple of points on the bike last year chasing back to back 100km+ running weeks since February. That won’t be the case next year. Cam also lo
  14. I don’t think Lionel’s struggles are great evidence of the point you are making. They are great evidence of Lionel’s issues. I think the real game changer was Mecca’s successful race strategy in 2010: the race could be won on the bike by breaking the peloton, or at least making everybody work and not just sit in. From that point on it was only a matter of time before folk realised that there was real benefit in chasing marginal gains in the swim. Now, instead of one big pack there is a consistent Amberger-ITU small selection that gaps the main first bunch by a good 90 seconds to 3 m
  15. No yet. 2 years time? Maybe, but 39 - nearly 40, is old to start what would be a steep development curve.
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