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  1. "I wasn’t a truly genuine trail ultrarunner until March 7, 1992 at the Wild Oak 50 near Harrisonburg, Virginia. It was a rainy day and simultaneously, while I was piddling on the run, chewing on an energy bar and washing it down with Mountain Dew, my nose was dripping and I farted. That was the ultimate defining moment in my trail running career, if not my entire life." - Bob Boeder
  2. just remember to keep your fluids up! (what a great excuse to drink more beer!!)
  3. I bailed at 2am when the blister on my left foot erupted. So it was 90kms in 15.5hrs. This was my second ultra and took all the lessons from CP100 into this race. Did not think about getting the St Johns guys to tape my feet (or steal some of their tape) until chatting to a mate the other day, so bit bummed as I probably could have went on for a bit with taped fit. Have bought some Hydropel for the next ultra if it rains. Now i just need to find another ultra in or around Sydney to try and re-destroy myself.
  4. MATE!!!! Finally someone has introduced some culture to NZ!! Have a blast in NZ!! I might even think about NZ next year now they have decent beer! Also, just ticked off my first Ultramarathon on Sunday. All because a while back you inspired me that big guys can run and that is what I did. I ran and I ran then I walked. I sat down for a rest and one of the officials asked if I was done, I got up, laughed and said I have hours left in me!!!!
  5. hmmmm beer, the most magical creation known to man kind. You have to pay respect to the Chinese for inventing beer nearly 6,000 years ago (give or take a week). Beer has been around well before Powerade, Gatorade, Gu, and even cheese and Vegemite sandwiches. Yes there is some evidence that points towards alcohol having a negative effect on your racing/training, but this needs to be put into perceptive. Are you trying to get to Kona, are you trying to get to Badwater, are you seeking Olympic selection?? If the answer is no and you like to sip on the amber goodness that is beer then go for
  6. i have always pondered this question myself...it seems that IM is the only sport where one feels the need to brand themselves after the race. ( i love tats and have 2 myself and have dragged my ass cross the finish line at Port). What makes someone who finished IM want to get inked, it does not happen with people who do other forms of endurance events. Never seen anyone wearing a C2K tat or a Comrades tat. What makes triathletes different??
  7. did this once in the holy waters...just jumped in with the good old undies. luck it was dark!
  8. I just go of the phone to the lovely Ms Marisol Casado (she does have a beautful spanish accent) and she has agreeded in principle for the ITU to sanction the first official Clydesdale World Championship here in gods own. Race date: Saturday, 23 April 2011 Race place: Waratah Park, Sutherland. Race time: Registration 2.20 pm, Start 2.45 pm Race distance: 500 metres swim, 18 kms bike, 5 kms run Entry criteria: 100+ Kgs Entry fee: 1 carton of premium Australian Beer Prize. Winner takes all Ms Casado has agreeded that the winner of the race shall be allowed to c
  9. "Woronora Ape Man - there is only one supreme Clydesdale and that is me, undefeated in every race he ever entered as a clyde. In fact it has become so boring winning every time, I have now retired from that format to become but a mere age grouper like the little people. I was pound for pound, arguably the greatest triathlete this nation ever came across. It saddens me to say "was"."' hmmmm.. It is true that you did smash me at every race we were in together, but that was Historical WAM, Future WAM is another beast to behold. Some say when I run the Honeymoon stairs the surrounding wildlife
  10. if it was not for my "jog" on the 27th I would enter the clydesdale worlds to teach eveyone a lesson (103kgs of prime shire beef)
  11. Brooks Adrenaline. Currently running in the GTS 11's. Have been running in then since the good old GST 6's. I once ran in Nike but gave then back after about 200kms. I get a good 600 to 700kms out of the Brooks. They have changed the softness stuff in the shoe and its a lot more friendly to us larger build buys (103kgs) for shorter long runs. Not that good for rough trails... a tad too soft under foot. But if I could get the GTS 10's then that would be my choice. I find the 10's to be better for us heavy heal strikers. My last 2 long runs have been 42 and 35 kms and i find for a coup
  12. Hi all, Any trannies signed up for this?
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