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  1. Thanks all for your comments, have a great week end Cheers Horse
  2. Hey Flanny Hope you are well. All good up here. Might do some 70.3's to get my interest back. Cheers Horse
  3. Hi all. To all those shoe officianardos out there I have a question for you. Will running on an athletics track (artifical surface) damage the soles of my Newtons any more then running on grass or bitumen. My shoes have the 4 protruding panels on the forefoot and there is only foam on the heels (no rubber sole) Any comments Cheers in advance Horse
  4. No problems mate, hope the rebuild goes well for you Cheers Horse
  5. Derney, I have a set of 650 corimas 4 spoke wheels that you might like Cheers Horse
  6. Good find James Love the look of the frame, takes me back. I did Forster on one similar in 1994. Cheers Horse
  7. Thanks Pete, I'm really liking the bike, so thanks for the heads up. Cheers RPL.
  8. *Symo, bloody preemptive text.
  9. Sumo, nice bike mate, if only I was 15cm shorter and 20kg lighter. Lol Cheers Rod.
  10. Thanks Roxii, I'll check it out now . Cheers rod
  11. Hi all Am looking at this bike on bike exchange , in order to do port next year. I like it, but need help on here to see if there are better options. I was looking at around 3K for my next bike. (Complete) http://www.bikeexchange.com.au/bicycles/felt/bikes-triathlon-time-trial/felt-b12-tri-bike/marangaroo/wa/102250533 Any thoughts Cheers :horse
  12. HORSE

    Thanks RunLong

    Just like to publically thanks RunLong for giving me his A2 water system. I appreciate his generous donation. I like the site for such random acts of kindness. Cheers Horse.
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