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  1. Our local public council owned pool closed it's doors to the public from 0530am to 7am on a Friday morning. Squads and hired lanes only. How's that for service? Of course you are still welcome to swim in the unheated pool.
  2. Surely some of these guys who are caught out are innocent and are just plain dumb. It's possible he forgot he was a professional athlete and failed to get the TUE.
  3. Prednisolone according the commentators and was cleared. Seems pretty innocent on the surface.
  4. Super happy for Matty Hauser. He grew up racing our local tri's and was always going to get to this level of racing, and at 20 years old he could be anything. A nicer family you will not meet. Not sure how I'm going to get back to work after that.
  5. Yeah I have read that in a few articles as well. Pretty sure I'm all of those things too. I'm hoping the constant soreness in my gluteus medius is the start of becoming more stable through the hips. Thoracic spine is a mess because of scoliosis and I can't see that changing.
  6. Thanks for all the replies. I really appreciate real experience and it sounds like there is hope. The bit of trail running I have been able to do has been great. The k's just tick away and I can feel all the stabilizers around my hips have been worked and that can only be good. Fire trails sound like where I'm at for now.
  7. Has anyone had success in rehabbing/ strengthening ankles? As part of my long term plan to replace my triathlon addiction to something less rife with cheating, I have been toying around with trail running. The problem is I have always avoided it because of my history of mobile joints and tendency to easily sprain ankles, probably thanks to years of abusing them in team sports in my teens. I'm sitting here with ice on a swollen ankle after my run yesterday. 7k's into a trail run of rocks, roots and washouts I've stopped for a breather and a drink on flat ground, stop concentrating f
  8. You don't go to races like Mooloolaba expecting a fair race. Most of the races I pick I expect no cheating but I honestly didn't think twice about the lines of bikes on Sunday. I paced about 30 meters behind a bloke for the 20k home on Sunday and that was nice. Normally it's solo the whole way.
  9. So does anyone think the conditions had any impact on their points accumulations today? I had one of the latest starts. It was wet and windy. From what I can tell the early waves had wet and windy conditions. Everyone happy?
  10. I have no problem with no wetty and 26 degrees. I do have a problem with no wetty and 22.1 degrees though. We are not all built to swim the English channel.
  11. I'm not trying to qualify for anything but want a fair race. Surely they can't move individuals if they want to keep it fair. Just whole age groups I would have thought.
  12. So after Mooloolaba OD if I report everyone who finishes in front of me in my AG, they get tested and go positive putting me on the podium by default, do you think I would still get the pair of socks?
  13. 2nd last wave😅😅 Could be worse at least. I don't really care except I get a bit bored waiting around to start. Don't eat all the watermelon😀.
  14. SpeedySteve

    swim skin

    Good buying. Where did you pick that one up?
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