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  1. thommo

    Trek Madone

    Selling my Trek Madone 5.2 size 58cm. Not much to say but the standard Trek Carbon roadie in size 58cm. Full Ultegra. No marks or damage and never dropped or crashed. Magic Cosmic Carbon Wheels. I bought it 12 months ago hoping to get back into cycling but the body just won’t allow it. Looking for $1,000 neg. We can work our freight etc if need be Also have a pair of Bontrager Circuit shoes. Size 10.5. Only used about 4 times. Currently have Shimano cleats on them. Not a mark on them. Basically brand new. Looking for $140 plus postage
  2. Thanks all. Mrs Gundy, Got it looked at and they said it was fine. Well a nurse did. Fracture clinic wouldn’t see me and had me go to a walk in centre. Saw my GP the next day who was disgusted with them. Im trying to not use it for anything. I have attached a x Ray pic of the break. Quite sore tonight over the wrist. Mainly across the top. The whole top of the wrist. It swells a fair amount during the day and goes down at night. Sounds silly but I’m craving ice on it! But that won’t do much with a cast on it. Mum back to the fracture clinic to have the cast removed on
  3. So I slipped at home on 5th Feb at 5am which resulted in a dislocated and fractured left wrist. Had surgery the next day to have a plate and screws put in. Then had a half cast put on. Went back on Wednesday arvo just gone 21st Feb for a full cast to be put on. It’s a fibreglass one although I still can’t get it wet due to the surgery wound. Pain was manageable till I got the full cast on. Last night and today the pain has increased with nothing helping. Pain over the fracture site almost feels like someone has put a set of vice grips on my wrist. But the cast isn’t to
  4. thommo

    Kayaks for sale

    Hey Horowitz, Sorry for the late reply. I replied to your PM.
  5. Two by sea kayaks for sale. I can't do it any longer cause of my knee and lack of time. Orange one is 5.2 mtrs long and has a carbon fibre paddle, rudder and 2 storage compartments. $500 ono. Blue one is a Winner brand. It is 5mtrs long, 2 piece paddle, skirt, rudder and 3 storage compartments. $500 ono. We we are in Canberra and I can also throw in the roof rack holders if you like. PM me if it's easier thommo
  6. Thanks for the replies all. Yeah we are definitely heading down the track of missing LA. For those that have been where else on the east coast would you recommend remembering we have a 14yo and 8yo.
  7. So we have decided this year to go away for Xmas again. Started doing this couple of years ago. Went to Gold Coast and the Xmas just gone we went on a South Pacific cruise. Loved both of them. We are now thinking of doing a US holiday this year. Thinking Honolulu, LA, NYC & Orlando. Thoughts are to be in NYC for Xmas. 15yo is a huge Giants and Knicks fan so would love to get him to a game. 4 to 5 days. Orlando for Disney world and universal studios. 4 days. Honolulu cause the wife and I loved it there a few years ago and want the kids to go. 4 days LA for 3 or 4 days fo
  8. HAD. Nurofen Plus (Codiene) After knee injury and 4 x surgeries. Injured in March 2011. Last surgery June 2015. Just couldn't stop myself even though I knew how bad it was. Took a bit to get through to me by my wife but don't touch the stuff now and haven't for bout 8 months. Feel much better for it. Just can't believe I was that bad. Still get very sore but I know the body and relationship with the wife is better for it.
  9. BC we are going with Royal Carribean as well. Decided we are going to stay in Newcastle the night before and train it down.
  10. We are going on a cruise at the end of the year. We have used park n fly before when we have been flying but have never done a cruise. Are there any places like that for cruising??
  11. That was me. Am back to see the surgeon next week with what looks like will be my 5th and then 6th knee surgery. Have had to cut back at work and change positions. I wish that was my backyard!! And yes I do still plan on paying it back.
  12. thommo

    Knee warmer

    Thanks guys. Have a thermo skin and it just isn't good enough. A blanket won't help as I need it for when I walk around etc. I'm not giving up on still being able to do the job I'm doing now so really need something I can move around with. We have three cats and they all complain when I take them outside in the cold taped to my knee!!ð
  13. I'm chasing a battery powered knee warmer wrap. They make battery powered heated clothes now so does anybody know where I can get one for my knee. With the cold weather approaching/here in Canberra I'm looking for something I can wear at work. thommo
  14. Hurt like an absolute bitch. The nurse in helping the doctor said my reaction was the worst he had seen. Mine wasn't done under any anestetic. And was $440 for one knee.
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