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  1. She wasn't on the old ch 7 series, only on the two series (last year and this year) on ch10. She was also a dancer on the US series for many years, with several high finishes and a win.
  2. Sharna is actually pretty good value. And damn she can dance!
  3. The girls here watch it. I read that many of blokes were disappointed because the rumours prior to filming were that Sharna Burgess, the judge from Dancing with the Stars, was the bachelorette (she was asked but ended up turning it down) and instead they got two country girls.
  4. goughy


    The stuff I've read said zero cases with unknown sources. Does make a big difference, I believe.
  5. goughy


    Is it zero cases of community transmission period, or zero cases of community transmission where the source is unknown?
  6. Toto can handle it!
  7. goughy

    RPM bikes

    Is he spending the big bickies on one? Or just after something like a gym bike? Does he want to use zwift etc with it? Obviously the kickr bike, and watt bike atom. Not that I've used them. I think they're in the 5 to 6k price bracket. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.dcrainmaker.com/2019/10/smart-shootout-wahookickrbike-wattbikeatom-tacxneobike.html/amp
  8. Trailforks is an app/website for finding and navigating trails, as I understand it. They had an app you could download to your Garmin edge, but with the 530 Garmin actually included the app natively. I don't MTB yet, but had a quick squizz at it. Basically it has navigation/maps for umpteen thousand known trails around the world, and it's all on your 530. So if ride with GPS and kamoot aren't getting the job done, maybe try it. Obviously I don't know how much it covers down your way, but in my little Hicksville it seems to have all the known trails, even little short ones. So might b
  9. I've read that the 520 could be a bit slow with navigating; processor constraints. The 530 was suppose to be much improved. Have you used the installed trailforks app?
  10. Just thought I'd mention this app again (I think I've mentioned it before), but smiling mind is a great app for those wanting to get into mindfulness, or some guided meditation. I gave used it nowhere near enough, always saying "I don't have time". It's got a lot more content than when I last used it, including stuff for teens, classroom programs for teachers to use with their students. Best of all, it's free. I'm going to get back into using it again. https://www.smilingmind.com.au/ I was using their short, couple of minute sessions to use as a "third space" transition into wo
  11. Not forgetting the mixed messages from doctors and the WH, and corrections. Didn't have oxygen, did have oxygen, blah blah blah.
  12. The healthiest, fittest pres for decades
  13. I've heard, and experienced the opposite! Last person takes the hits.
  14. Which model Garmin?
  15. It's not impossible they weren't aware enough of their extra size with the trailer. Regardless, needs charges for that driving.
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