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  1. I use whatever comes off the road and onto my chain :). I need to use up as many watts as I can, not save them!
  2. goughy

    Couch to Kona

    I'm exactly the same as you!!! I bought the bridge from a guy last week............
  3. goughy


    I just read that Pfizer now can be kept in a normal freezer for 2 weeks, and a fridge for 5 days! That will ease thing a bit, later in the year!
  4. goughy


    Is that because she's getting Pfizer?
  5. goughy

    Couch to Kona

    I think you're putting way to much faith in the morals and reasons of high performing, type A individuals! If you think it's about personal satisfaction for a lot of people, I have a bridge in Brisbane is like to sell you 😉
  6. goughy

    Couch to Kona

    Badmann proved you can do alright without a good swim. But you need to excel at the others!
  7. goughy


    Yeah, only two years for me. But, it asks you in the online checker, so just be completely truthful and you'll get your answer. And, if in doubt you can ring and ask them. But, I think if you're getting it through your gp it will be a smoother process. And you should check if you qualify for the flu jab for free! My doc said I'll get it for free for life due to the strokes.
  8. goughy


    Do you get the flu shot free? I do now as well. I would assume it does. You just have to fill out the online checker form, and it tells you if you can get it yet or not. I took my hospital discharge summary with me to the vaccine clinic just in case I needed it for confirmation, but when I got there they fill out another online form and my health record stuff came up and I was fine for it. She did tell me they charged someone $198 the week before because they claimed they were an essential health worker, but was no longer the case. I'm assuming if you were going to your gp then things wo
  9. goughy


    Due to my prior strokes, I'm 1b. Had my first dose 2 weeks ago.
  10. goughy


    I'm 49 and a half..... oh the dilemma? Unless they cancel my June appointment, I'm getting it.
  11. goughy

    Couch to Kona

    Uninterested, or lazy? They are not necessarily the same thing!
  12. goughy


    Again, why the national cabinet should have been working on an agreed national solution. If people could feel more comfortable about national travel, wouldn't that help the travel industry to some degree?
  13. goughy


    When I got mine, the nurse told me they charged a guy the week before; he'd booked in as an essential health care worker but was actually no longer one. Think it was about $198. Didn't refuse him though.
  14. goughy

    Couch to Kona

    Gifted, or special? Not necessarily the good type of "special" either!
  15. goughy

    Couch to Kona

    Honestly, it may be less painful, about the same cost wise, and take about the same amount of time, to just be a shit athlete, with a life and family that love you, and aggressively target the legacy program! 3 to 4 years of doing every Aussie IM in 16hr50min, maybe some NZ, and you're there! Otherwise, talk to someone like @Cranky! She did it after not really being in tri for a long time. Find out what her pedegree was before she started triathlon? My 70.3pb is 5:58, and was my first solo tri done with no runs over 10k, no rides over 40k and no swims over 2k. So only 30mins be
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