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  1. All I know, is the least aero thing about any bike I ride.... Is me! Those big bulbus things on the front of ships may make them go faster, but the one hanging around the middle of my gut doesn't speed me up. Neither does the lack of oompf in my legs and heart. And I'm ok with that.
  2. The simple answer, is there is no simple answer! There won't be for a long time yet. I doubt the date change until we become a republic. And I don't think that will solve all this. There are still people alive who were part of the stolen generation. Still people alive who remember when they couldn't vote (or their parents or grandparents couldn't). It's still going to be a long time.
  3. goughy


    You guys are making me happy I don't take holidays........ often anyway.
  4. Most of us also wouldn't have a clue what MC has done in the way of charity work as pastor of her church? But that wasn't mentioned in the honours was it?
  5. And the scum got 2.5 years, then did a 17 minute interview with Bettina Arndt complaining that he lost his job, family, and respect, and that he was the real victim! He was also originally going to be charged with carrying on a sexual relationship with someone under the age of 17, but Grace and others lobbied to have it changed. When you read about what went on, and how he groomed her, I can't possibly believe she was his first victim!
  6. To get away from another subject: How friggin good was Grace Tame's speech today! Wifey and I both still tear up at the end of it! We should stop discussing a certain someone else, and talk about the great choices made for today.
  7. Of course there is! You call one when you're looking good, or the opp is looking bad! And, during major events like pandemics etc, people tend to not like changing govts. So he'll call one this year so he guarantees another 3 years, rather than waiting till next year, and maybe, just maybe, Labor will have something to show by then and they could lose and he ends up with 2 years less.
  8. Considering she's already received an award for all that anyway...... I'm assuming she's done a heap more in tennis and mentoring since she got the last one?
  9. Just under 62% yes, with about 80% eligible voters responding. It's a clear win, but honestly, that's still an awful lot of people who voted no! Myself, I would think most people who couldn't care less one way or the other would vote yes (just to be done with it) or not vote at all. I'd think the 38% who voted no really wanted no.
  10. Thanks Pete, was wondering about there stuff too.
  11. Yeah, my bad! https://www.santinisms.com.au/ Click on the sale tab.
  12. Thread mine............... Recently stumbled on some Santini kit. Bought some bibs from a MTBing shop that just wanted to get rid of them. Had a look on their website and they seem to sell off older stock at a reasonable price. Bought another pair of the same knicks for $100, and picked up some jerseys for xmas from family from their sale stuff. Fit wise M is not too bad for me (though one jersey is a definite "athletic" fit). I'm a bit overweight at 80kg, but their stuff would be about spot on for me at my usual 74kg (working on that). I think size wise it's about the same at the C
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