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  1. Think ill get some of the Leki pros myself. If just for uphill segments to reduce load on my calfs.
  2. Merv


    One thing I don't get with this kiwi bubble is why scomo is advising them to check with the respective states once they have arrived in Australia, as to if they are required to quarantine. This can be done prior to leaving NZ. He appears to be making things up as he goes.
  3. Anyone watch pt 1 on 60 minutes ? Peter Schiff is a piece of work.🤣
  4. Merv


    It's amazing how far some of those guys will go out, even further than this guy.
  5. Merv


    Dan really should apologise for the kiwi mix up, he looks like a proper spoon.
  6. So maybe the QLD premier reads Transitions.
  7. Anastacia would secure my vote even if she expanded upon the Euthanasia topic more than what we already know.
  8. Often it is a response to complaints made by the public over particular issues.
  9. Merv

    Modern Mothers

    Don't overthink it guys, just report it if you feel aggrieved.
  10. The Maguire evidence is hysterical USB sticks containing sensitive data lost and ipads being run over by a tractor.🤣
  11. Merv

    Modern Mothers

    Apparently there was a marital indiscretion at some point. The running mums are quite competitive and look to be constantly trying to one up each other, with experiences etc
  12. Have a work mate who seems pleasant enough. Virtually every conversation she enters into she relates back to husband and kids. When a kid farts it also goes onto social media. Other women in this position aren't carrying on half as much. Is it possible to be so blissfully happy ? Cause at time it seems she is beating everyone over the head with it, and might be over compensating for something else.
  13. This has all the makings of a Shakespearian Tragedy btw Dazza and Gladys😂
  14. Unfortunate what he is saying isn't admissible in court.
  15. Gladys' dodgy ex having a very selective memory at the ICAC.
  16. Looking to do the Brisbane Valley Rail Trail one weekend for a bit of fun with a mate. Will prob just put some gravel tyres on a roadie.
  17. Any further info with vehicles ? Am looking to upgrade a station wagon to someting that does the same job. Carry a surf ski, have a bike inside. Currently perusing SUV's
  18. Ah cmon Gladys is entitled a little satisfaction like the rest of us🤣
  19. Could the whole Trump illness be staged ?
  20. Nope. Any significant injuries ? Heaps of tossers have loads and have poor spatial awareness.
  21. Not sure if Scomo was expecting her to just roll over and say "Yes Scott, that's a lovely idea let's go ahead and phuck things up further.
  22. Have friends travelling to Nz in December, no guarantees Jacinda will open the borders by then.
  23. So this covid drug is a bit of a throw at the stumps at his age Itll be another week before we know how serious it is.
  24. Merv

    All things NRL

    Hopefully sharks will make this a contest and not a hiding.
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