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  1. I repaint the inside of most properties i purchase, the process helps to find the hidden bongs and sex toys they've forgotten.
  2. I always organise a pre settlement property inspection. People can leave the place a shambles and there may be damage done during the removal.
  3. Merv


    All in a days work for Lady Sonia
  4. Merv


    Suppose it could operate at a loss
  5. Merv


    Are there any particular businesses particularly interested in older employees? apart from bunning etc. Which skills should this group be looking at acquiring if they don't already have them. ?
  6. Merv


    Am looking good for my first ever WFH shift next week, if I can set my laptop up correctly.
  7. Merv


    Anyone know the exercise restrictions in brisbane over the weekend ?
  8. Merv

    NZ Ironman

    Had actually entered Motatupu the same weekend.
  9. Merv

    NZ Ironman

    Are you confident the trans tasman bubble will happen in time ?
  10. Merv

    NZ Ironman

    So what are people doing with their entries?
  11. Merv

    RIP Mary Ann

    She made a shit hot coconut cream pie
  12. Merv

    RIP Mary Ann

    dead as a door nail
  13. Merv


    Reckon cricket Australia may have jumped the gun having the 3rd test in Sydney
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