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  1. Merv


    Have a mate who has accumulated a impressive amount of quality aboriginal art as a hobby over the last couple of decades. He is quite charitable and has approached several organisations/galleries to literally give them away . Quite surprisingly he has been met with endless hypocrisy and a attitude as if they are doing him a favour by accepting it. I've told him to sell it and get something out of the venture, however he wishes for this to be his legacy. Any suggestions on where to go with this ?
  2. Merv


    need someone to step up to the plate
  3. Merv


    Am picking up what you're putting down
  4. Merv


    Can someone please remove this word from the vocabulary ? One of those stupid HR buzz words that just shits me
  5. Merv

    All things NRL

    Arey joining the broncos has to be a indicator Bennett is on the move.
  6. Had 1st pfizer and did a easy swim next day. No real side effects other than sore arm.
  7. Merv


    Sorry, I missed someting. Pfizer for over50's isn't available til the end of the year. ? Got mine as a critical worker.
  8. Merv


    1st Pfizer jab today
  9. Was never going to be a fair trial regardless of the evidence
  10. Merv


    Folks Am in the process of compiling a list of Australian Charities. Preferably ones that are progressive and where the funds are less likely to be used for administrative purposes.
  11. What exactly did Morris do ?
  12. Merv


    If I had less than the recommended 14 days btw the Pfizer and flu shots, do you think I'd die ?
  13. Merv


    I don't see the greater brisbane lockdown finishing either
  14. Merv


    Wasn't a bad list of artists assembled. Wouldn't they still do a no crowd version ?
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