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  1. Seems my video was hijacked! Strange!
  2. Chookman

    Steffen’s P5X

    Voted ugliest bike of 2018! Even uglier than the Falco and that’s sayin’ Something! It maybe fast; but surely aesthetics are a consideration when paying big $ for a bike! I could rattle off the names of a few champion female triathletes that were high tech and very fast; but It doesn’t mean I’d like to ride them!🙂🙂🙂
  3. Yeah, yeah, yeah... we all say “I won’t need anything more”... untill we do! 😃
  4. Hardtails are great fun to throw around the bush for a few hours; but for endurance events... ummm, nup! Get a light mid travel trail bike and you'll have a much more enjoyable experience. Bikes such as Norco Optic are great for trail or XC.
  5. My system is a bit all over the place I have a lowish Hct level at around 40% yet my o2 uptake was (when I was racing) around 78 ml/kg. I’d probably be a good candidate for some EPO! 😁
  6. I just watch the highlights if there's nothing else on. The tour is again a farce! The team Sky train wreaks of systemic doping and the fact Froome was able to ride at all is a joke. There's no one even challenging Froome; except his own team mates! P.S not to mention the commentary sucks! Can't stand McEwans smugness!
  7. Stick with flats, they'll make you a better rider. What happened? Did you get bounced off your pedals? Do you have a dropper? When you ride flats you need to think "heavy feet, light hands". when descending, drop your heels. If you go off a drop keep your heels down; weight back slightly. Don't do what a lot a lot of SPD users do and try and lift when going off a drop. If your feet are coming away from the pedals it means you are lifting; it is not the bike falling away from you.
  8. Not sure about the Giant dropper. The KS Dropzone are good if you want a lever under your seat.The KS Eten are questionable. My wife has a 27.2 ks post which has the same cartridge as the eten and we are on to the 3rd replacement cartridge and it's still not great!
  9. Get a Brand x from Chain Reaction or Wiggle. Best bang for your buck and they rate really well. Don’t buy a Rockdhox reverb... they arr plagued with issues!
  10. I see lots of 60+ Men and women out on the trails doing all the same lines as the younger ones. Any exercise is great as we age but I believe MTB keeps you younger. Road riding does virtually nothing for your bone health, balance or reflex's. Think of how much your mind has to process riding the average technical trail! There is always something to work on and improve and that's what keeps it interesting!
  11. You’ll be rewarded with awesomeness!😁
  12. Until you get dropper (if you go that way) drop your seat as far down as it will go and session some roll downs. moving back is only part of it... a dropped post will let you get lower and not have to adopt such and extreme backwards position. So basically. approach the rolldown; look at where you want to go; avoid any sudden braking; drop your heels and arse down and straighten your arms. With a bit of time and practice using this technique you'll be able to roll just about anything that is actually rollable (some simply aren't and you need to drop off them).
  13. What Rory said! Only thing I’d add would be FFS don’t cut your bars down! Narrow bars suck! Short stem, wide bars = awesome!
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