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  1. nice work guys. Race was handled as well as can be with conditions like that. I volunteered on one of the nastier corners on the bike rather than compete this year and saw some ordinary bike skills Congrats to Cronulla - and thanks for the catch up to all the usual suspects. See you all there next year
  2. yeah, it'd be frustrating to be a Knicks, Lakers or Celtics fan this year. I'm loving catching up on the minutes our boys are playing with the Jazz. It had been great seeing Delly getting so many starts at the Cavs too - although it looks like he choked badly at the end of their Philly game today
  3. Ingles with quite clearly the assist of the season
  4. sad news for Lakers. East: Bulls, Cavs, Wizards West: Spurs, Mavs, Clippers Finals: Bulls v Spurs (albeit with a close WCF against Mavs though) MVP: Brow. (well no, LeBron will get it - but Davis will deserve it more)
  5. what, you guys don't do those times? Why am I bothering to reply to such numpties ... Actually, when I brought the table over I didn't really look at the time that they'd estimated. Perhaps it was the Brownlees' idea after all. However, the principle of the 1km / 8km / 3.9km ratio was the concept. Can be related to whatever distance/time you can work around a particular course or group of competitors. We ran it as a 1.8km swim - 15km bike - 7km run because of the limitations of our bike course.
  6. We played around with the idea of an "equilateral" triathlon here at Club level as 1 of our dozen races we put on during a season. The idea being that each leg took roughly the same amount of time to complete - i.e. it's not distance related. There's actually a formula that some yank came up with which works for all distances & gives something back to the swimmers who've traditionally been given the rough end of the stick in triathlon events. Name ...... Time per leg ...... Swim ......... Bike .......... Run Sprint ....... 10 minutes ........1 km ........... 8.5 km ...... 3.9
  7. Roxette - I'll take the Oakleys if I was first in. Now will raid the spares cupboard tonight to post an offer up myself
  8. look for those who accessorise their Beats with a pair of Air Max I agree with ozzybuds, Sennheiser +1
  9. yeah, loathe as I am to necessarily condone tanking, I could endorse the value in ensuring that Goulding, Exum, Motum, Bairstow spent more time on the court against Angola to bring up their confidence & big-game experience. However, their "chuck up any 3 you like" strategy proved too successful for the wrong reasons, leading to the 4th quarter non-defence - certainly made it a bit obvious. So yep in hindsight, suddenly we're ending up with nothing to show (particularly after some especially poor decision making by Baynes & Ingles in the 4th quarter against Turkey). In theory, it
  10. solid win by Aussies this morning against France. Still having a problem with their interior defence (which let them down against Lithuania & Finland). However recent play by Baynes, Delly & Ingles has been pretty good. Exum, Motum & Goulding great in spurts, but Exum is probably not being aggressive enough. Brazil's Nene, Splitter & Barbosa were good early against the US yesterday - but Anthony Davis ... wow. Superstar
  11. miners


    wambie whopper. Thread over
  12. That's not a travel. THIS is a travel
  13. Yeah, this one? Perhaps even better than MJ, Clyde and Dr J who all stepped just inside the line when doing it in a dunk contest. I think Brent Barry went closest in an actual contest - until this school kid anyway Hey, I'm hearing that not only all Boomers and Opals games, but all Team USA games are being televised on ABC2 for the Worlds. Is that on the money?
  14. Boozer to the Lakers for 3 years - so to be honest Cottoneyes, I reckon you dodged a bullet. I don't think he has the work ethic, or the game style to mesh with the Suns. His defence is atrocious and was only passable because he was hidden in Thibodeau's tough system Hopefully the Suns (who have plenty of money, but haven't featured in many FA rumours) now make a push for Love or perhaps even Blatche if they get desperate. I don't think Greg Munroe has been re-signed yet either ... ?
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