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  1. ironman08

    Geelong 70.3

    Hi everyone..anyone going to Geelong 70.3 Worried about coronavirus..should we wear mask on fly from Sydney to Melbourne ?
  2. I wondered ..what about drugs that makes you go faster?? ...that can lead to heart attack in the future! Not saying that he taken. but would be anyone.
  3. ironman08

    Dean Mercer

    Very sad ! what training that he did at that morning?...Cold water swim? Heard that some people dies after cold water swim in the last 5 years. RIP Dean Mercer
  4. Hey Guys Does anyone have this item of Oval Concepts SCCS? Please pvt message me. Thank you.
  5. Hi Guys Anyone that have Oval Concepts A900 Red Extension S-Bend Please pvt message me. Thank you.
  6. Hi Guys Looking for Oval Concepts A900 50mm stem (26.0) if you have them. Thank you.
  7. Thanks ...sorry ..my mistake. Its 1995, the second series!
  8. Hi Guys Does anyone have a copy of this 1996 Grand Prix series ? Thanks
  9. Jake Birtwhistle is very much like Bevan Docherty. But better! Good running style! Very promising athlete!!
  10. This guy Richard Varga ..looks like Brad Beven...possibly the next Brad Beven... lol
  11. Do some pb in 70.3 races ...run faster in 10km.
  12. Okay...Guy Andrews won twice...in a row in Coca-Cola Biathlon..beating triathletes. In formula 1 triathlon ..he came 2nd in race 2 out of 3 of Super Triple Sprint at Coolum. Lastly...he beat Brad Beven in Gatorade Biathlon Series in the last final event. Imagine..if there is combined Surf Ironman and Triathlon format...he is unbeatable for years!! He should be named as the best athlete in Australia!!.
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