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  1. Yeah, I’m not even sure that we actually pay more. We’re one of those terrible families that buys the 24x600ml water for my partner’s kids to take to school. It’s about $8.00 at Coles and we get $2.40 back when we return them. I know when I was living in Qld they were about $8 there.
  2. Been back in SA for 18 months now where the bag ban has been in for years. Newsflash: The world didn’t end. By the way, we have this other silly little idea here that no one has cottoned on to for 40 years. Container Deposit Legislation. Can’t wait to see the Eastern States lose their minds over that one when it’s inevitably introduced. “What do you mean I have to pay 10c extra for my drink?” 😂😂
  3. Yep. That’s exactly how he did it. His swims were always bang on.
  4. True. But you’d have to time it so you swam the first 7km on the last of the incoming tide, then turn and swim the next 7km on the outgoing tide.
  5. I see it’s done by the people behind UMoz. Obviously not able to run the UM brand or distance so they’ve set up their own. Distances aren’t huge. Obviously looking to attract more punters. Soeaking from personal experience, it will be interesting to see which route they take the bikes out on. Having to deal with Main Roads is a major headache. That’s the main reason the bike course for the HB100 is solely on local roads. I wish them luck. Hopefully it’s anither good event for the Bay.
  6. Have zero interest in the whole superhero/comic book genre. Saw the original Ironman and it left me cold and fell asleep half way through the first X Men. Not sure what that says about me.
  7. Exactly. You completely readjust what’s important to you and learn to be thankful for what you do have, rather than yearn for what you don’t. I suppose my biggest regret is underestimating the impact my marriage breakdown has had on the relationship with my son.
  8. Plenty. It’s pretty sobering when you hit 50 and look around and see everything you’ve worked for over your whole life has added up to exactly zero. I’m talking materially here. I have my health, a good woman, a job that I don’t hate and a couple of kids and grandkids that I talk to now and then. Still, it’s hard not to regret a lot of the choices that I’ve made to get where I am now.
  9. Right. So he is a caddy? Do they let the caddies have a hit before the players? Clearly I don’t watch much golf 😂
  10. Serious question. Why is he wearing overalls?
  11. Although I’m working tomorrow I can’t wait for the tri relay. Very excited at the prospect of a medal for Matty Hauser after his strong showing in the individual race.
  12. downesy68

    Cool number plate

    Yeah, Elite is just one of the badges on a Kona. A bit like a Commodore SS or Falcon Futura.
  13. When you put yourselves up as the moral policemen and then go down the path of dishonesty yourselves then the backlash is always going to be worse. It’s not just in cricket. We always seem to believe that no Australian takes PEDs it’s only the other dirty filthy cheating countries that do it. Same here. It’s usually the dirty Indians or Pakistanis that tamper with balls or have dodgy umpires or fix matches. Now the magnifying glass is on us and it’s burning us badly.
  14. CA have to put up or shut up now. We’re always quick to be the moral police for the game. Now is the time to show some balls and sanction everyone involved. Smith had to go. He should have stepped down immediately at the least. I’ve lost all respect for him.
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