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  1. Thanks guys for the good advice, Turtle, the distribution is a standard one from the people who deliver the magazines. I think they just send it to all the same places they send Best Bets. But most of those remote places would only get one copy while the city stores get 3-5 copies. You'd be surprised where people ride bikes and buy magazines though. In my Apollo life (if you can call it that), two of my best customers are Lightning Ridge and Condobolin. I just opened a new account in Cootamundra and Tumut regularly turn over bikes. It surprised me.
  2. I wasn't able to import by spreadsheet. They're sorted by postcode if that's any help.
  3. I would say that I have become completely irrelevant. But I did enjoy reading all the old names on this post.
  4. Hi guys, Thanks for looking for the mag. I've found that a couple of newsagents have put it in with Smith Journal and those mags instead of the cycling section. Here's a list of newsagents, but if you still can't find it, I'll happily send one to you. Thanks again for your support. It means a lot! KENT CITY NEWS LOWREY NEWSAGENCY WYNYARD PARK MARTIN PLACE NEWS CHEN TOWNHALL SQUARE AMP PLAZA NEWSAGENCY CHIFLEY ARCADE NEWSAGENCY SYDNEY NEWSAGENT QUEEN VICTORIA NEWSAGENCY HICKEY ST NEWSAGENCY, CENTRAL PARK NEWS OXFORD
  5. Ah found them. Something about a phone bill. Better let Otter explain...
  6. Been calling the shop since Friday and today it says disconnected. Also Andrew's mobile appears to have been disconnected. Just thought someone might know...
  7. I'd be interested. DD, can you send me some contact details? My email is simon@bicyclingaustralia.com Thanks, Y.
  8. I wonder how many talk like a pirate days there are each year...
  9. Yes, it took me a while to find it. About six times driving up and down the same bit of road until I saw an A4 sign on a stick. FP, it's on the Via Roma just north of Villorba on the left hand side if you're heading north. If you see a smallish supermarket on the rigth hand side it's opposite that and around the back. Tortoise, did you go to Francesco Moser's vineyard in Trento?
  10. FP, why don't you go to Pinarello? If you ask Nicola nicely he might take you around the spray shop. They're in Treviso just a short drive from Venice. And the centre of Treviso is nice.
  11. http://contact.ebay.com.au/ws/eBayISAPI.dl...ested=merckx_69
  12. I agree with Andrew and Donncha. The other thing I haven't seen mentioned is that all this illegal immigrant thing is just both sides of politics keeping people scared. It's the yellow peril policy all over again. We'll be 'over run by foreigners from Sril Lanka and Afganistan.' And when people are scared about something they'll keep the government in. Australia, along with other western coutries should be looking for a long term solution to house these people. Back in the seventies I grew up a few streets away from the Villawood detention centre. This was one of the places where
  13. Chloe Hosking had a good year in the women...
  14. Hey chaps, you can now vote for cyclist of the year and maybe win a trip to Melbourne. Ooooh! http://cycling.drewbytes.com.au/Peoples_Ch...nation_2009.cfm Anyway, I was thinking Simon Gerrans for completing the triple. But then I decided on Jayson Austin, the guy who broke the hour record at Dunc Gray.
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