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  1. James


    This is an interesting website with what appears to be good data: https://gisanddata.maps.arcgis.com/apps/opsdashboard/index.html#/bda7594740fd40299423467b48e9ecf6
  2. Hi all. I am after a XS (around 50 cm) mountain bike with 27.5 wheels for my daughter in the Brisbane area. Thanks
  3. James

    Simply Kickr

    I've have subscriptions to Bkool and Zwift but got jack of the monthly fees and now have none. What is the software which come with Kickr's like or is there any non-subscription options out there? Less than 3 months to Noosa and I need to get back on my bike but can't leave the house due to looking after children at same time. Thanks.
  4. Which is more than the Australian RRP right? I always thought we payed more for ASICS than other countries but looks to not be the case. Anyway, I will continue to buy my shoes on the days Rebel have their 20% off sales
  5. That is the same price as sport stores in London.
  6. Spending a few days in London and remembering the good old days when I could buy Kayano’s from Wiggle for about $150, about $100 cheaper than home. So a quick look and was disappointed.
  7. At the airport now about to head to Finland and around Europe for 4 weeks. I have our barcodes packed and hoping to run a few
  8. We ordered on the 26 Nov and received them last week
  9. I pre-ordered the original Vectors so have been using them a while and have had very little problems. From what I have read, the people having problems have not installed or maintained them correctly and have not followed Garmin's instructions. No real difference to what I see at work as an emergency department nurse, people who do not listen and follow directions will always have something to complain about
  10. I think my first tri was Gladstone in 91 maybe
  11. I love receiving a "good work" or "keep it up" and I love dishing it out with a little pat on the bum as running by
  12. Something happened on the bike
  13. Something happened on the bike
  14. James

    Noosa Tri 2018

    How many in the Legends wave Ron as I could not get in as it was full? You would think they would have more than one wave if the first one filled up.
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