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  1. Exciting news for a great local race. $15000 prize money. https://protriathletes.org/professional-triathletes-organisation-announces-15000-aud-prize-purse-for-the-hervey-bay-100-triathlon-in-queensland-australia/
  2. Will you have a backpack on? I think that would be a bit uncomfortable being in a lower position on the TT bike.
  3. I got a link to enter yesterday, TriClub priority or something??
  4. Apparently he swim about 60mins, he'll need to improve there too.
  5. Is that really the best two candidates they can come up with?
  6. Really, why did you think that?
  7. I think that coaching business wrapped up long ago.
  8. But the number of slots allocated is always done as an even proportion of the entrants in each category. Times don't really come into it.
  9. Can you give me the simple version of what this means?
  10. Recommended. Very uncomfortable to swim in a wettie in those temps.
  11. Would've been the same method when you qualified.
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