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  1. Because the roads are so shit and dangerous in Australia, I'll be selling my tri bike when I return for good and using the funds to buy surfboards and kayaks and riding mountain bikes instead.
  2. I've been looking around too and very keen on Morning of the Earth Surfboards. The Tracks Twinny looks good as do lots of the other retro boards. I've sent 2 emails over the last few weeks and haven't had a reply yet.
  3. This is why the building industry is farked these days. Our weekly progress meeting gets taken up by the HSE section for 75% of the meeting, and progress and issues for probably 10%. Talking shit about replacing toilet paper and soap and why it goes so fast - they don't believe me the Indian labour take it home or sell it. Then I get told by the Consultant I need to train them to wash their hands and not steal stuff...WTF! I'm not their mother. Oh...and those cigarette buts that aren't put in the bins make the place untidy. Or, I need to put a Work Instruction up and how to use a Bench Dr
  4. iFoz...sorry, old age affects my brain. IronmanFoz....arriving in Broulee on 15 Dec until 7 Jan...time for a trot along the coast and a few open water swims for sure.
  5. iFoz... remember China 2008 where we dodged the typhoon by a few days..at least we still got to race, even though the swim was a bit dodgy.
  6. softy

    Nice 70.3

    So that's not 1.2 meters, 52 meters and 13.1 meters? Thought it was a bit short
  7. softy

    Quest for Kona

    You should receive automatic qualifying for being able to watch them. I lasted 5 minutes. Aren't people sick of the IM media model yet? Obviously not because they are banking cash. I'm not sure how politically correct it is.... this guy sounds like he's from Hong Kong, not mainland China.
  8. Patti Smith and others have written songs about this since the 70's. On how, even 'intelligent' humans, have still not worked out how to manage their waste. As for sea level change, it's obviously happened before, but with less population, less people were affected.
  9. softy


    I haven't blocked anyone, I just don't come to the site as often.
  10. Jungle Perch?? Seeing the pictures of the conditions in the ocean, and based on previous IM cancellations, it's looking a bit 'rough' for having the swim.
  11. softy

    Time management

    Agree 100% with what you say. However, being properly prepared for the cold temperatures of Winter mornings means buying the right clothes to be out there in. My daughter lives in Copenhagen and runs all year round, but she has proper thermals and protective clothes ( Ok, it doesn't protect you lungs ) and it makes a big difference. Especially when you use base layers and stay comfortable. Surviving a Melbourne or even Hobart Winter is possible in the right kit. I ran in the US earlier this year at -15 on a few days, but usually waited until it was at least zero. The other risk associated
  12. softy

    Time management

    This could be the case .... but, he's right. If any of us have commitments that make sessions difficult in the afternoon, you have to get up earlier. There's something satisfying, knowing that you have run a half marathon before work, when other plonkers are dreading their session after work - or they don't do any exercise at all.
  13. All part of the risk. What would peeve me, after I stomped over those ill prepared and laying on the ground blocking my way, would be not being able to sit on the summit for a few minutes to enjoy the moment after all those months / years of preparation and possibly previous failure.
  14. Back in the UAE after 4 months in freezing Iowa. Bikeless at the moment but doing 50k a week in the Asics. You forget, but you don't forget, about the heat and humidity of the Gulf. Going from -35 to + 35 is a shock.
  15. Do they really? Depending on which tax bracket you fall in, and assuming people are paid fortnightly ( I'm paid monthly ), what sort of extra money are we talking about? $10, $20?? A cup of coffee and one of those hipster avocado sandwiches. Agree in noticing more tax coming out.
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