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  1. This properly belongs in Tritrade,,,,,,,,,but I have a wireless Elite Powertap unit that is 12months hold, 32h, shimano hub that I used for training, great knick, just removed it from my wheels as I'm doing enough trainng to warrant it. Send me a PM if your interested.
  2. Thanks Hiltz, probably won't help me sell it but it is good to have more accurate info.
  3. Hey Rusty, I'm sure someone will correct me if I'm wrong, but I was looking at the size guide and I think you should be fine in that suit, it may be a little short on your legs but most people cut them down anyway. By your height, the size guide suggest ML, but it has a weight range of 80-90kg, which would be huge on you and cause rubbing like a nothing else. I don't think the 4cm difference in height would be a major issue. Hope this helps, Matt
  4. No longer doing tris, or not in the near future. I bought this wet suit from Jester and used it 3 or 4 times. There was a small cut on the right shoulder area. Jester glued it, I had it professionally repaired by Aquashop on Gold Coast. Great suit, very comfy to wear, I'm 187 and 74kgs. I think it has obly been worn 12 times max. Selling for $200.00 Let me know by PM. Thanks Matt
  5. thommo79

    Noosa -

    Brownlee is not racing, not in the country, Just got a reply Tweet from Flick Abram, Not in town, lucky for TGE she says! She had a laugh, said you have bad drum yoyo!
  6. thommo79

    Noosa -

    It would be great if Brownlee showed but I doubt it. Shame Flick is not racing. Apparantly Snowshill is racing, maybe Jan may show, that would be a cracking field.
  7. Bump, Price Reduction Wheels and PT hub still for sale $2700 BMC TT02 $2600 Will sell together if anyone wants both If I can figure out how to post a picture I will Thanks Matt
  8. I have a zipp 808 front & 1080 rear with powertap fitted and comes with a disc cover. Only used 2 - 3 times. Travelled less then 80km. Send me a PM and we can discuss price. Matt
  9. Hi all, The reality of having two young boys and being a shift worker along with my wife has set in, so I'm taking a rest from Tri's for a while. I have for sale; $3500.00 * 2009 BMC TT02 (2009) Black & White Large size Ultegra Brakes, shifters, derailurs, chain FSA Cranks (172.5) Easton bars No pedals, I'll supply it with a set of Fulcrum 7 training wheels. Frame is in great condition, never dropped or crashed. Also; $3000.00 for the pair. ZIPP 808 & 1080 tubulars put together by Custom Wheel Builder. The 1080 has a Powertap SL+ hub. These wheels wer
  10. I realise no one replied, but just in case anybody has a similiar issue in the future, an internet download C-Cleaner fixed the problem
  11. Hi, I am a computer nobody and I am having trouble fixing this. I connected my edge500 to GC the other day and when I attempted to upload my activities I received a warning from the Web Page sying "object error" I am told that this is a Registry error with my computer through Windows however I have runn scan after scan and should things down and removed other applications I no longer used and checked the add ons in my web browser and so far I have had no luck. Can anyone help? Regards Matt
  12. I thought the thing with the sticker was that you couldn't use helmets in cycling races without the Aus Standard stickers?
  13. Thanks for all the replys. Will re read CEM blog and try and get it clear in my head. I'll also try and get more runs in. Don't know about losing more weight. I'm 6ft2in (187cm) and hover between 72-74kg. Any lighter and I really don't feel so flash.
  14. Thanks for your replys, plenty of reading to do. Keep them coming. Also good news, CEM has surfaced! Temporarily.
  15. Ahh, on the rebound from illness and children with flu, however, all being even, 1x long run 15-18k, 2xshorter runs of around 10k depending on intervals and what not. I have two young boys so things are all about juggling to get sessions in.
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