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  1. You’re all pissants original hardmen birthplace of triathlon welchie sandhills No Doz and coffee All cock’n’ribs yanks body’s f*cked wtc’s f*cked TA’s f*cked macca’s f*cked I digress crowie ’Nulla Northies original hardmen get f*cked
  2. None of them count anyway, they’re all over 10 hours
  3. Lame. No one cares bruh.
  4. yoyo


    My thoughts exactly. He’s a decent leggie, gives it a fair tweak, but his wrong’un is pretty obvious and it getting wickets is, as you say, testament to how shit 1st class Aussie bats are against spin these days. Hes still very young though so plenty of time to enhance and refine. I notice Abdul Qadir’s son is saying he is an Aussie and wants to play for Australia.
  5. Dan also smokes a fair bit of weed while he lifts
  6. This guy is not a cyclist, he is a guy on a bike. There is a difference.
  7. If you look closely you can see Yox2's G550
  8. Yes AP it is a delicious coincidence
  9. If youre not contributing at least as much as it costs to fuel up your private jet, GTFO
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