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  1. KAM 1031 - IM virgin and absolutely crapping myself .....but would be STOKED with a 10:xx Tritragic 1396 - Looking to break 13 hours wetspot 21-41 Rebel 211 ---- sub 10...lack of running could come back to bite me Nealo 895 The Race of my life ->1:10/5/5:45/5/4:12 =11:17 , A race I'll accept ->1:15/5/5:59/5/5:06 = 12:30, A race I'll celebrate -> Finish PaperMan 886 Moffat77 711 JGF 195 - Hoping for Sub 11, but predict 11.07 AP 12-58 --------------------------------- 10.45 Badger77 1139 Powdo 1389 MWP 908 Stem 1175 1st one, so NFI. I'll say 12.55 + 4 mins JonoB 157 - 9:5
  2. coghead

    port 2013

    Your parents were thieves... Because they stole the stars and put them in your eyes Great to see everyone getting in easily this year. Rog eluded to a server upgrade and it looks like they've come through with the goods.
  3. coghead

    port 2013

    Hey and no site-crashing related issues for anyone?
  4. coghead

    port 2013

    I'm in. See you all there again!
  5. PaperMan 479 IronJimbo 449 Ratdog 416 Cupcake 1443 Mr CC 941 IFoz 1074 gregb 337 Shankate 1286 mrando 272 ripas 787 Paul Every 896 (or 24-009) Thomo 1015 Dave T 1150 Tritragic 1132 tex 944 Clownboy 237 TGL 946 Throwing Stones 480 Catcam 1429 The Penthouse Pet 1446 Powdo 1125 Runforestrun 704 Bortho #58 ploddingalong 585 badger77 693 goodcatch 1182 CoinDante 348 Woolly Mammoth Hunter 988 Mango 721 RobB 359 Steely 887 coghead 255
  6. Ok he mentioned it was his plan on Twitter. Interesting!
  7. Morning all. Why would Pete try to make a gap already?
  8. Damn Jabbs, that's a serious injury. Disruption of the mortise is very unfortunate. Best pieces of advice for mine would be: - a very good ankle surgeon (I know, a little after the fact now) - solid rehab Find out from your surgeon when they like you to be getting into certain movements/exercises and see if they can even recommend you a physio who they are happy with. Make sure the physio knows exactly what you've done and what level of functioning you need to return to. This injury is generally not as simple as as broken wrist for example (fracture, cast, heal, back to 100% in weeks).
  9. As a long time critic of Ironmanlive and their atrocious "real-time" race timing (don't get me started), I have to say the USM timing site looks very good. Great to see the job being done properly. Averages would be a useful addition, but not complaining at all.
  10. Certainly agree with this. I also have several pairs of cheaper ones that have been decommissioned. Assos all the way. You won't regret it. You can't put a price on your comfort
  11. coghead

    ULTIMATE Triathlon

    Bring them to Brissy! Would do this at the drop of a hat.
  12. coghead

    Last 100 entries

    Did anyone who got one of these last 100 spot today manage to get in via the Ironman Australia website, or did you all use Rog's link? Just wondering if the Oz website ended up being fixed?
  13. I'm in thanks to Rog. Cheers mate!
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