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  1. I am a racing flats only runner these days (adidas adios) and love it. If you have problems with your strike etc, you just need to allow sufficient time/miles for your body to adapt, but it is definiately going to be better for you long term to allow the body to learn how to absorb the landing rather than relying on the 20mm of foam to do it for you. If you are going to change to using flats all the time I would do it at the end of the season and give yourself plenty of time to get used to it.
  2. 100%

    What a workout!

    That's a HARDCORE workout, very impressive. http://www.youtube.com/user/linebreak08#p/a/u/1/fNHd-4N-l_Q LINK FIXED, sorry...... :-)
  3. I agree with The Customer, tell em to go nuts and spend all the money on their lawyer they want. They will lose just based on the other examples you have provided here. When was their logo TM'd? When was yours designed? Looks like my logo too.....
  4. 100%

    Angry cyclists...

    Remove pump from pocket and sacrifice it to his front wheel, then see who's f'd up. I hate douche bags.......
  5. Prize money should be paid on finishing position, not category, end of story. No true professional would have a problem with that either.
  6. Exactly! Why not to ride with people who half wheel, not people who use aero.
  7. Minoura like this one http://www.probikekit.com/au/minoura-dual-cycling-bottle-holder-mount.html The least intrusive which allows plenty of room for spares etc. *and cheap!
  8. FWIW I think riding aero uphill is a great training method.
  9. But surely you must first investigate all the options before commiting to a certain strategy. You don't just pick a coach from the white pages, you need to know what his methods and results are, and you need to know the different methods to know whether this particular coach is the one who uses the methods you trust to be best for you. Ask away I say. Knowledge is power, if you get 100 different opinions/answers, good! Then you must sift through the bovine excrement and have some options to run by your potential coach, who should then be able to tell you the merits/pitfalls of each. Only t
  10. More gains will come from an extra hour of stretching per week than an extra hour training.
  11. Whingers............... Incompetence and People who show no basic manners towards volunteers at aid stations. Dunno how many cups I took during the run at Shepp' last weekend, but I said thankyou to each and every one of the people who handed them to me, and to all those who gave me directions! F#cked if I would stand out there in the heat so a bunch of bad mannered triathletes could participate in a triathlon, those volunteers are LEGENDS!
  12. Just leave them as is, your body won't care one little bit.
  13. Are you a triathlete or a pure cyclist? This is a triathlon forum so I made the assumption that this post was in relation to triathlon success....... But even still, I have watched Lance Armstrong doing weights, so again, if it's good enough for one of the best in the world on the bike then I am happy to accept that there is benefits in doing it.
  14. You know what is marketing and hype? That your everyday Coles veges contain anywhere near the nutrients that they should compared to organically grown veges. How many people eat only organically grown stuff? So while you may think eating all your veges is enough, once they're stored, GM'd and sprayed, then microwaved or boiled, what you're eating is far from a nutitious vegetable. And while yes, there are many athletes out there who could maintain their training on a 'good food' diet, there are also many who don't process their food as well as others, who may have a genetic disposition tow
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