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  1. pja

    Scicon bags for sale

    Gunsbuns - I saw that on an email yesterday - awesome price as they're great bags! Willing to listen to offers as I want to get rid of them and declutter!
  2. 2 x Scicon Aero Comfort Plus Bike bags for sale. Both in good condition - one has a small profressional patch repair. Hubby and I have stopped competing and no longer need them. Only been used a handful of times - mainly domestically - once to NZ. Has built in bike frame and built in wheel bags on inside. Can hold a lot more than just the bike. We used to put shoes, helmet etc., in too. $400 ono or I am open to negotiation if you want both. Photos available. They are available for pick up on the Gold Coast at present. email - triciaathey@iprimus.com.au Tricia.
  3. Seems to be working at last - I'm in and hubby is on the way .... - over 40 mins!!!
  4. pja

    TDF11 - Stage 18

    We're sat about 2km down from the Galibier at the moment. Fantastic weather - sunny but a bit of a cool (freezing for us) windY and a bit of cloud but a lot of blue sky. The road is soooo busy with cyclists riding up and screaming back down. Very exciting place to be - Us and 3000 other camper vans!! Amazingly we just went for a walk and as we got back to the road a group of 3-4 cyclists went past and said "Hey - Airlie Beach" No idea who it was but it's a small world!!
  5. pja

    TDF11 - Stage 1

    oops - thanks Trev - just spotted that. We now have the live streaming on the lappy for sound and watching on the big screen in the room - cool!!
  6. pja

    TDF11 - Stage 1

    Hi, We're in Switzerland for a couple of days before heading to Germany and we're trying to watch the start of the tour on our lappy (unfortunately it's on TV but we don't speak German!) Anone have any idea how we can get it online in English - SBS is only for watching in Australian and the UK channcel is only available in Britain. Cheers, Tricia
  7. pja

    Challenge Roth

    No problem - we'll have her share. If she's on her own she's very welcome to join up with us.
  8. pja

    Challenge Roth

    How weird Wayne - I don't see you in Airlie but I catch up with you on the other side of the world! Humdrum - any info on parking etc., would be awesome - thanks!
  9. pja

    Challenge Roth

    Ha - we still talk about that. After the race we bought a hot dog with this really pale, flacid, immitation sausage in it and couldn't eat it - so you wolfed it down!!! It will be good to see you again!!
  10. pja

    Challenge Roth

    Oh alright then - we'll be there. Not sure when we'll arrive in Roth (probably the day before) so we'll be looking out for you all on the course. Then we'll party hard with you the next day!!
  11. Well ......... in that case, we leave THursday and we're doing all the above AND going to cheer them on at Roth!!! Next ............
  12. I did exactly the same thing - stepped out of my bedroom door and rolled my foot. Broke the 5th metartarsal - sounds like the same spot as you. I broke it back in March just after Moo'ba and can now walk properly on it (just) - a few weeks off running. Took ibuprofen for the swelling and I only had a back cast on so I could shower or swim with a pb but the crutches drove me mad as did no driving - it was great to finally get rid of them. Hope you heal quickly.
  13. All my fault I think!! I didn't realise it was the 2011 list when I first mentioned it. I didn't even twig when I saw they had me in my old (younger) age group!!
  14. Just had a quick look at the entries - up to 3120 individuals!!! Anyone know the cap for Moo'ba?
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