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  1. That is a super tribute Paul. Thinking of you guys - Rod and Anne
  2. Great viewing - thanks Fitness Buddy
  3. 1985 Footage - Great viewing. Thanks Peter. Just ordered a copy of "My Story" from Ken's webpage. https://kenbaggs.bigcartel.com/ Looking forward to the read.
  4. See you there Flanman. Any news on water temp today?
  5. What a day - excitement and a course record. Live coverage very good.
  6. Rocket

    Tour de Cure

    Good stuff Mike. Should be a lot of fun too.
  7. #253 - TheLogicDump - First IM Goal is Sub 12 (Hopefully knocking on or sub 11h) #681 - The Turtle - hopeful finish time around 14:30. #346 - Runbrettrun - 1st timer, hoping for around 10:30. #183 - MRS runbrettrun - 1st timer hoping for about 14hours. #782 - Notsofast #761 - Clappers realistic 11.30 hopeful sub 11 #216 - tri_hard - sub 10, aiming for 9:4x #1223 - TGL to beat Nealo by 1hr plus #921 - Nealo 11:11 #964 - Sammo - Sub 12. #645 - ashley_s aiming to run last 10kms sub 50 for around 9:35 #1155 - noknees - a finish will do, IMOZ #10 #723 - gregb 11 ish # - Bored@Work #1648 - Avago, an
  8. Yes, very, very excited. Thanks Peter. It has been a 20 year journey beginning with a Triple-M sprint race at Narrabeen in 1994. I still have the singlet. I owe the sport my fitness and well being and therefore to be able to race at Kona is a bonus and an honour. And thank you to Andrew Messick for your vision.
  9. Eurozone in crisis - c'mon Lance, help out Spain and Italy and throw a few dollars in for Greece. This is all that the 'P'ED's Bernanke asks of you.
  10. Browsed but not found any Awards night photos. Has anyone searched for and found some photos? e.g. Multi finisher snaps.
  11. TUv5.0 said "New technique with a screw going down the middle is very very effective." is on the money here. Less invasive than a plate - I broke my right clavicle in January 2005 and was able to do Forster in April 2005 with screw still in place. The only request from the doc was "Please don't crash!" - that would have been ugly. Anyway, screw removed after the race - no problems since. It was also the time that I discovered "Spinervals" - "Hi, I'm coach Troy" - good stuff.
  12. Congrats Big Chris and Mark - really, really great news
  13. Happy birthday Macca - all the best for the months and year ahead. Of course, this is the time of year that IM Oz Forster was held. Voice of IM Mike spent many a birthday in Oz - Happy birthday Mike. And to Spaceman too. Have a great day boys.
  14. Rocket

    Kona Lottery

    Nice one Peter Cheers Rocket
  15. Mentioned on the ABC news this morning at 07:00. Paul, absolutely brilliant - congratulations to Chloe.
  16. Rocket


    Updated > # 46 Skel # 70 Woronora Ape Man #100 Saladodger #121 Timmay #144 wetspot #154 Dingo Dave #178 Must tri harder #220 Diamonds #259 JJJ #273 Chambo #279 Gordon Freeman #307 Shuffla #312 Stacey (Cole) #315 Gizmo #334 Peter #340 Jimmy C #347 Maggie #348 Kitesurfa #389 Notsofast #448 Morgs #461 noknees #466 Paul Every (legend # TBA) #488 Mr Flower (legend #11-178) #509 SMF #546 Bennyg #560 Mrs G #561 Glenn Gorick #573 KTJ #577 Ratdog #585 Scooter (the original) #603 Sunnygirl #607 Dazaau #655 Malhoppy #670 Highway Man #704 Otter #735 TimmyK #747
  17. Cheers - Thanks Smitty All the best at Taupo - go number 1156 Rocket
  18. Yes, wishing you a fast recovery tortoise. The good vibes from the Trannies certainly helped me when I did my collarbone a few years back now. All the best Rocket
  19. Congratulations Smitty - Absolutely brilliant. And to Nella, hope you had a fantastic day out there. Rocket
  20. Go well Smitty - also Marc and Charlie C. Have an awesome trip and and even better race. Take it all in and enjoy - again for some ;-) All the best Rod
  21. Absolutely Sensational Paul - Fantastic All the best for Chloe's double swim. Rocket
  22. All the best Paul - yes, in the early Ironman training days back in 2001 you mentioned that you would like to swim the Channel. That time has arrived. The determination that you showed in Ironman has never diminished and it will see you through the swim. Looking forward to having a Heineken or three with you. Cheers, Rocket.
  23. PS: The sound of a motorbike is a powerful anti-motivator - more Harleys on the course will solve the problem :-) R
  24. Safe racing (driving) is the priority in the end - hanging out on the right is not safe racing (driving). More than one contributor since PlazBot first referred to it earlier has identified this as the main concern. Agreed. And surely sensible and fair TOs would observe pace lining rather than roaring in with a sin-bin. Rocket
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