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  2. 20km easy run, 154mtrs, 1.48.22 at 5.25 pace
  3. The state run homes are in regional areas. Not Melbourne. That is why the numbers are very different.
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  5. The one pictured is not mine but I have the same one in better condition. I thought mine was about 8KG, but when I look them up they seem to be closer to 11-12kg - which to be honest is quite a lot, however I'd rather pay the freight and know the bike is safe at the other end and ready to race instead of racing around in a panic to get something fixed. I hear of too many people having bad luck stories with the softer bags - particularly pro's. In the early days I had a bigfoot softbag with was excellent and because it weighed nothing I used to though everything in there - shoes, wett
  6. I think it's one of those races you don't think about as a race, more as an experience. There is just no way to get into any sort of groove anywhere on that course, once the swim is done.
  7. I'm going to keep using it, but just not skewer the wheels to the side anymore. Probably won't get to test it again till the next Hamilton Tri though.
  8. Oh dear. That just screams NEVER AGAIN. shame TA isn’t involved to get it on. other than at the Penrith rowing centre, does “Sydney” still have any races?
  9. Not sure on that but races in NSW are still having restrictions I believe. Husky sold out quickly and people are on a wait list. And on that weekend there will be no Teams events or swim events, No doubt as we progress forward they will open entries up to bigger fields - lets hope. All very stupid when we can have 40000 in a football stadium and quite a few at the cricket - all not social distancing.
  10. No doesn’t appear so. Dear Athlete, It is with regret that we need to inform you that the Triathlon NSW Kurnell Sprint Series Triathlon, scheduled for 10 Jan 2021 has been cancelled. This week, Elite Energy and Triathlon NSW received notification from Sutherland Shire Council, Police, and National Parks that due to the growth within Sutherland Shire (both residential and commercial), the event would not be approved. Triathlon NSW will endeavour to discuss future opportunities with the local approving authorities in 2021, to (hopefully) keep Australia's longest-running Triat
  11. Why? I was going to be there for it. lack of interest?
  12. Peter


    Well if we get a choice, I’ll be avoiding the AstraZeneca one from Oxford University thanks of the big 3, they have the WORST OF THEM ALL https://www.corp-research.org/astrazeneca
  13. Kurnell, January 10. But not 'rona related it seems.
  14. The beauty of them is the packaging. On an ultra (or on the bike), the can easily be pushed out of the pack one at a time and don't gel together as only the top one has any likelihood of getting exposed (unlike Scratch labs) and even then you'd have to be unlucky. This makes them re-usable once that packet has been opened but protects the contents. Very important if you train in wet climates. One of my favourite tricks is to cut a tube in half, because three fit nicely in those very small running short pockets, if that's the only pocket you have. I don't think there is much magic ab
  15. And B increased his lead in one of the Wisconsin counties Trump paid for a recount in. I think money will spent.
  16. Not to sure. I normally only get them when on sale. Since I started having a bonk breaker at 25 - 28k don't crave caffeine at all
  17. roxii


    I think they have “dibs” on three or four different vaccines, the difference is that the Oxford one I think we were able to produce locally, the others I’m not too sure about.
  18. Peter


    And now the federal choice for vaccine seems to be a bad one.
  19. If you want to be pedantic, he actually pardoned 3. Only one didn't need the tar to keep the feathers in place. Lame Duck pardons Turkey
  20. Are they any better than red & green snakes? Alongside flat Pepsi they are my go-to marathon fuel 👍
  21. Peter


    I was super critical of the Vic state government but when you read this, its the Federal and privately run aged care homes that are disgraceful. maybe I was wrong about dan Andrews.
  22. Flanman

    Kingscliff Tri

    Anyone doing tomorrow? FM
  23. FatPom


    Sloppy reporting here from The Age. Eng and Wales already had tiering, so that isn't replacing lockdown. (only Eng in lockdown right now). Wales had a 2wk firebreak and the Poisonous Krankie has instigated a 5 tier system in the frozen north. (probably because they figure they're getting two tiers for nothing 🤣 )
  24. haha yeah, i keep them high up in a 'nutrition only' box!
  25. Stop spreading anti Trump misinformation AJ .... he actually pardoned 2 turkeys 🦃 🦃 😜
  26. have to be cautious shot blocks i think they are lollies.
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