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  2. You spelt it wrong anyway. It's spelt cumming...
  3. easy (frosty) run. 15km, 1.21 at 5.26 pace, 117 vert
  4. So do the Salvation Army and numerous other groups. So hardly an outstanding reason.
  5. I think that the award is more likely to be for her service as a pastor. The church that she founded does a lot of outreach work and provides food and clothing to the poor.
  6. And I'm not a mod anymore so I can't go and edit his "quote"! Oh the embarrassment.....
  7. Spring Spring in Taiwan runs from March to May and temperatures are usually a nice and comfortable 20-25°C with relative low humidity . It’s a great time to visit and many people come to see the cherry and plum blossoms. With temperatures at such comfortable levels, it’s a good time for hiking and visiting the island’s parks
  8. I just replaced the tyres on this last night. Was a bit of a nightmare! Getting the tyres on was close to impossible, needed two people. This is one downside to non-tubeless specific wheels I guess. The other was that the valve was getting in the way of the seal, so I needed to push it up into the tyre to seat the tyre, then tighten it back down - nice and tight. I think this will probably be my last pair for these wheels, difficulties are too great compared to the advantages of tubeless over tubes. It's great when they self seal, but when it all goes wrong on the road I am screwed as I c
  9. Stayz is HomeAway and that seems to be their service fee/ commission, as a %
  10. Have 3 nights shifts this weekend. Friday - got up early and rode. Afternoon 16;00-18:00 (2 hours sleep). Work starts at 18:30 til 07:00am Saturday. Finished work rode, house stuff. Bed 13:30 -17:30 (4 hours restless sleep in the heat). Starting work tonight at 18:30 til 07:00 planned. Sunday: finish work at 07:00 and long run planned. Hopefully in bed for a nap by 12/13:00 Monday: Finish work out for Breyer: No sleep planned till Monday night in order to get into the daytime routine. stay tuned.
  11. This mob? https://help.homeaway.com.au/articles/What-is-the-service-fee https://help.homeaway.com.au/
  12. Good catch before he managed to edit it out 😄
  13. You know how it is, as time passes someone's achievements always become bigger, faster, higher than they actually were. Time always seems to have a positive impact on what actually happened! I'm guessing tennis is quite a bit more diverse and competitive now than it ever used to be.
  14. Ok, so I made the Mrs watch ep 2, and had to trust her arm to watch ep 3, and she said if it's still confusing shit she's ours here! At the end of ep 3, she said "that's a bit better". So without spoiling, it seems some stuff is starting to happen, eventually. Some stuff maybe harking back to the first Thor movie...... It was enough to convince her to watch one more.
  15. Arrrgggghhhhh autocorrect........ That's an arrrgggghhhhh of frustration with autocorrect! Get your minds out of the gutter!
  16. Good evening them I take it... 😋
  17. I’ll update to exclude zero. Just forgot last night to do it
  18. Another 150km in 43 degree heat.
  19. I didn't see the interview properly last night as I was cooking, but even Magda Z seemed a bit over it all.....
  20. Fark me, my sister-in-law has now booked our Xmas place at Culburra Beach through Stayz following our Booking.com debacle. The website quoted a price which we all agreed on, she booked, a deposit was taken with the remainder due in November......and then the next day the @#$%s charged her card another $490 for a 'Homeaway fee'. WTF is that? She has emailed them to ask. Did not seem to be anything about it in the booking conditions? Never had this sort of shit happen before booking accomm. online? Has Covid turned all these pricks into crooks? Easier just to stay at home.
  21. So Im out riding this morning and since it was just an easy ride, I start thinking about your data and FTP 🤣 I think you need to change your computer settings to include zeros so your NP is accurate Will give you a good indication what your FTP actually is if you cant be bothered to do a test Why do you have it set to exclude zero's anyway? So you can east more donuts? Because that wouldnt change the calories burned anyway!
  22. Yeah it’s as if they are saying “you got an award for your tennis, now you are getting an upgrade for being a bigot “
  23. Yesterday
  24. I think it undermines the whole awards process to give somebody an award for services for which they've already received an award for and who apparently has done nothing since.
  25. After you get used to it you will never want to ride without it. I only have one on my road bike and hate riding the tri bike without it. Cars can sneak up on you whereas with the varia you know they are coming from miles away
  26. As far as I can see, not on the pro event schedule so not sure if there’s even a pro field. And, if there is, I’m assuming just locals based on strict quarantine rules there. I’m assuming Hansen maybe can get entry for business purposes if he is using Taiwan to manufacture shoes? But guessing still would need to do two week hotel quarantine.. Would seem unlikely to be racing but seen stranger things
  27. Hah, I'm sure that's how its written, Given she has been recognised for all that achievement before do you think this might not be a sneaky way of making political statement
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