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  2. As an outsider it seems the the US seem to have made it impossible for all but the obscenely rich and or famous to run for this level of office any more. Most people who have got to that level and would be looking at politics would no doubt fit into one of the categories or cheat, liar or tax dodger if not all. Unless there is some sort of reset, I cant see that improving anytime soon.
  3. This thread may live on yet.
  4. So is this intentionally stupid, accidentally stupid or just bald faced lying. With Trump it's hard to tell at times?
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  6. Isn't a bit like the argument between the swimmer, the runner and the cyclist and ironman? Just a broader scale of people and a different competition but in the end, who really has what it takes? I think if you went in this just "for a challenge" you would be a little surprised!
  7. I don't do Crossfit, but I recently bought Reebok Lifter PR shoes which might be worth considering? Though they have a raised heal so may not be suitable? I'm only back starting in my home gym since last week so not lifting heavy yet, but they feel solid underfoot for squats and deadlifts.
  8. Just Mercy (2019) starring Michael B. Jordan and Jamie Foxx Netflix - yes, yet another, based on a true story, civil rights flick from America's South. This one is worth a watch - I found it quite moving.
  9. Yes and no. I agree Trump should release his tax returns. But that shouldn't mean we ignore all other politicians finances as a result. Gullible would be an understatement if people think those paying thousands, hundreds of thousands to attend a speaking event aren't repaying a favour or expecting a favour in return... Again I will stand by my previous claims they are all liars and all corrupt.
  10. Agreed. Second day in a row of double donuts (no new cases and no deaths) in Vic!
  11. It's somewhat disingenuous of Fox to use released tax returns to show the Biden's are trying to hide something while the Donald just refuses. I still can't believe that out of hundreds of millions of people this is the best the democrats could do. The republicans were stuck with Trump I suppose but I would have liked to have seen them run a genuine alternative in their primary process. I am sure some of the establishment in the republican party are hoping their Trump nightmare ends in 8 days. It must have been a very long hard 4 years for many of them.
  12. Of course someone paying $235K for 'preferential seating' at a book tour event is totally reasonable....
  13. Not that interesting, actually https://www.politifact.com/factchecks/2020/oct/22/facebook-posts/bidens-income-sources-arent-such-big-mystery/
  14. Yep, you would think out of a population of 330 odd million they could do a little better huh.....talk about trolling, how much are the two political parties trolling the US public by saying these two guys are the very best we could come up with to lead our country..
  15. So predictable that you were going to play the man, not the ball. I’m not trolling, I’m debating an issue you posed as fact and provided an alternative view. All you did was attack me to (try to) prove your point.
  16. Oh Skel, I am so sorry. Vent, vent, vent. Get it out here so you can be calm when dealing with the system and your Dad. Massive hugs to you. xx
  17. So once again the poor people of the US are to decide between someone who says stupid stuff accidentally and someone who says stupid stuff on purpose.
  18. " Four more years of George..uh George..uh.." 2 post troll account...but hey, at least you are adding to the traffic of this place
  19. Seems like you’re the one doing mental gymnastics. Did he say George Bush? Is the name of the guy he was talking to George? Don’t avoid the questions. Finally if Biden was such a mental train wreck like you seem to be implying, you’d think the 4D chess player would be able to expose him during the debates like some on this thread suggested he would do? Also in case you don’t remember Trump called the Apple CEO Tim Apple instead of Tim Cook. But of course, that’s different.
  20. Touching base as a bit on the angry side. Dad had a stroke last week. He is Sunshine Coast, me Cairns. Some issues with expressive speech and balance. These have resolved a little. I flew down yesterday to get him settled in rehab with the aim of home next week. While I was out paying his bills, he refused a bed. He says he can't remember saying no. Please don't think what I am saying is harsh....I need to vent. I started at 5am yesterday to fly and got back to hotel at 7pm after 2 x hospital trips and running around four suburbs to pay his bills (me paying). He had money in his wallet but tha
  21. Lol 10 points for effort, but it is a good example of the way some people will try to justify the video Mental gymnastics FTW...
  22. 1hr Easy Zwift with Diesel Dan
  23. I just wear racing flats. I have plenty of old ones that are kinda wrecked. I find the lower to the ground I am the better.
  24. Did he actually say George Bush? I only heard George, which happens to be the name of one of the people conducting the interview. But of course don’t mind me and let’s not get facts in the way of the Fox narrative. Also what happened to the Hunter Biden “scandal”, fizzled out already? That was disappointing...
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