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  2. Somehow as I've aged, I've become more reluctant to do those big events that you know are just going to hurt, without a decent preparation. I still like them, just not prepared to take the risks when younger.
  3. https://cdn1.sportngin.com/attachments/document/c55d-2310136/A.Starykowicz.MGSS_Award.pdf#_ga=2.161879998.343846160.1606339705-394874264.1606339705 The ruling is pretty clear he was told not to race until the TUE was approved and raced twice anyway
  4. That is just hopeless. What a wholly disproportionate response to someone who is clearly trying to do the right thing. Meanwhile if you WANT to dope you are probably getting away with it. Makes you wonder what the point is sometimes, doesn't it.
  5. Yeah hence the edit.. Realised it might start a firestorm. Sounds like the system has screwed him, but regardless I cant see how he would be racing next week.
  6. I just started a new thread on it. Best to read what happened before anyone jumps to conclusions
  7. This is an interesting and sad read the way drugs in sport is dealt with. honesty doesn’t pay it seems. try and read before commenting. http://www.andrewstarykowicz.com/sanction/
  8. I heard that Starky tested positive and is currently banned? Edit: what i meant was - took medicine in knowledge that it was currently on banned list while TUE paperwork was still to be finalised. Drug is coming off banned list this year.
  9. Yeah, given the stupidity of doing one in each state (involving the first two I for sure give him 50. I'm not sure it will never happen. It probably should never happen though lol. Kinda nuts. I wonder how much of the deterioration was from all the moving around and crappy sleep for IC, and if you chose one location, two courses, and just knocked them out day by day and slept/ate all the other time if it isn't possible. Hawaii/alaska honestly. And I think IC's wife is as crazy as him. Their family gave up a crap load for his Ironman endeavours. I only hope his fame publicity has p
  10. -H-


    I hope she didn't use public transport to get to school
  11. Great news Goughy. Glad to see a little ray of sunshine poking through the clouds up your way. I got a half decent tax return this year and decided I was finally going to book in and get my truck licence. Have driven all kinds of vehicles growing up on the farm but never bothered to actually get my ticket. It's been a very long time since I'd driven a non-synchro box, so took a bit to get back into the swing of it. Long story short, achieved my HR licence yesterday and now need to hold that for 12 months before I can go back and get my MC licence to enable me to drive b-doubles and the
  12. Ayto

    TV Shows

    The Queens Gambit on Netflix is pretty good
  13. Correct (but I’d give him 50 ) 100 IM in a 100 days will never happen
  14. Start list and also no start list https://protriathletes.org/pto-2020-championship-lineup/
  15. From memory it’s not actually in the banking, it’s the apron they rode/run in. Even though the banking angle is 30° like a larger velodrome, the radius is so wide you can’t you centrifugal force to stay in the ‘wall’. also I seem to remember from last year that because the track is so vast, there aren’t a lot of close reference points For the camera to use, so 45+km/h looks quite slow? Still pumped.
  16. He did 48. Amazing. most here havent done 1
  17. But did you say you'd passed through a hotspot? If not, then yes it's a piece of cake. But if you passed through Sydney Airport (which the Qld Police told us IS NOT A HOTSPOT), despite the application website indicating it is (dumb fcuken public servants who designed website) then you are in a world of pain.
  18. I was checking it out a couple of days ago, looks awesome. How much fun would 2 1/2 laps around that banking be? I'm putting it on my bucket list
  19. Not sure of the timeline of events but you can’t claim to be doing everything in your power to stay clean and then risk hanging around with others who are doping. obviously have your priorities screwed up.
  20. Guess if some tried, ironcowboy could do it.
  21. https://www.thefirstnews.com/article/guinness-record-book-farmer-to-do-staggering-100-ironman-triathlons-in-100-days-16488 This is his website. I don't see anything on there so he probably hasn't started? http://ryszardkalaczynski.pl/ It's a crazy target. Esp at 60. The iron cowboy is fascinating as he did one in each state per day and the travel and sleep issues were brutal. Doing one every day on the same location would be so so much easier* *But still stupid crazy
  22. Definitely too hard to 'wing'. What you're describing is really std ultra stuff ( except family wise, I tended to do a long Sat and half that on Sun). Back to back runs on tired legs is the norm. Sometimes I use the bike to put some extra tiredness in my legs whilst taking pressure off my back. I think my longest training day (if we don't count races as training) was 47km and 2,600mtrs which took about 9hrs and the next day to the ParkRun did that and ran back for 13km. Mostly though I tended to be 6hrs Sat, 3hrs Sun and some riding. The difference that's not being considered is ge
  23. Several have tried it. All failed. but its a Goal for someone to do first. I believe a polish guy is attempting it at the moment but I can’t find how he’s doing. surely someone will do it soon.
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