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Aussie tri and bike brands, deceased and current.

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16 hours ago, roxii said:

Kids will never understand the amount of time and effort spent trying to install a wired speed/cadence setup neatly. 


15 hours ago, -H- said:

Or moving one to a new bike and accidentally cutting the wire 

When all the gps satellite fall out of the sky, I’m prepared. 


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And having to mark out 2096mm on the floor and roll your tyre over it to calibrate your Speedo.

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1 hour ago, Jim Shortz said:

Watched a bit of the 1995 Forster on YouTube this morning. 

Bob Southwell had a wicked headway helmet. Complete with visor. 


The glory days of the sport 

Bob wore it in The 2001 version.  Pretty sure he beat me. Mind you I beat Smitty and rocket so not that bad.  He was an endurance master. 

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