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2020 Discount Codes

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Suggestion is to just post your codes and no banter in here so code don't get lost.

I have a few.

Pushys $25 off if you spend over $99 using the code Jan25  https://www.pushys.com.au/

Rudy Project Glasses and Helmets 5% off all purchase using this link Click for 5% off plus there is a general 25% off for Jan and feb 2020

20% of Trainingpeaks for all of 2020  20Fitterradio20 is the code

For the fatties Weight Watchers has 40% off for Jan using this link 40 % off

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14 hours ago, Merv said:

Any hoka sales around women's?


Size?  My wife has a pair of lightly used bondi that I was going to put on Facebook

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Right shoe, prefer new, just waiting for a sale/discount atm

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We’ve all been working hard at MyProCoach over the last few months.

We have now created a new, more flexible service called MyProCoach UNLIMITED Athlete.
This gives you access to all 800 of my training plans, plus Premium Training Peaks and email coach support.
If you want the ability to switch plan-lengths, levels or even events without worry – plus non-stop email coach support along the way – then this is for you.
Pricing is monthly or quarterly from just $28.90 per month. Learn More
For a short period, you can use the code "SUPPORT2020" to get one month for free, on a quarterly subscription. The code will expire soon.
When you become a MyProCoach UNLIMITED Athlete, our support coaches will happily switch your plan whenever you want – and apply it to your calendar according to your event date. 

My hope is that this new service will keep you training, while the racing calendar is up in the air.
That’s all for now.  


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Whilst there will be no live races for now, I imagine there is heaps of old video to fill your time.


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25% off at 776BC


This is a small Melbourne company who make simply the best training apparel I've ever come across. They are my client and I do graphic design for them. They support a lot of events that would have been cancelled 😥 They've never discounted their gear this heavily before so take advantage.

I can highly recommend their carbon compression tights - they will last for years.



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