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Lost in transition

Triathlons life expectancy?

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13 minutes ago, BarryBevan said:

we chased corky away. I think you are onto something, market a bunch of hotties wearing fashion item associated with the sport, works for surfing, skating etc.


She’s back 

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On 15 November 2019 at 2:49 PM, Ayto said:


In terms of more recently with the demise of Challenge Shepparton, my understanding is that following the purchase of Fairfax events by the Wanda group (Owner of Ironman), they were never going to host a rival brand being Challenge under their watch.

I hear whispers of discussions around potential options for Challenge in Shepp for 2020 and beyond, but absolutely nothing set in concrete and at the moment it is only gossip.

Fingers crossed.  This year represents the first time in nearly 20 years that Shepparton has not hosted a long course event.


And now we are able to race twice at Shepparton in 2020. Challenge Shep in April and Hexman events in November.

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1 hour ago, trilobite said:


she is sort of hot. I have this vision sort of Kardashian class meets triathlon, instagram.

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