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Calculating FTP

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Ok so recently got my first power meter. Did  a 20min FTP test, and after the calculations came in at 254. My initial thought was that this was low (maybe I watch too many YouTube hero’s bragging about their FTP’s) as I have rode 4:55hr IM bikes 3 times and would consider myself in solid bike fitness shape when I did the test.

Anyway my question is, I did the test on my indoor trainer and went flat out - HR was maxed out cadence around 90rpm and I faded a bit in  the last 5min. The other day I was riding outside on a flat road into a head wind and was easily holding 350 watts with a cadence around 75-80. I maintained this for around 12min before turning and picking up a tail wind. Before turning I wasn’t struggling and felt I could easily hold it for the 20min.  So which way should the test be done? With both these scenarios FTP result would change by about 80 watts.  I find my current FTP of 254 works well on the trainer and produces hard workouts, whereas riding outdoors sessions are a lot more comfortable at the same wattage efforts.

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