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Weird nerve pain...

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Before anyone says it, I am seeing the physio, have been doing so for a month and nothing has changed. I have a weird burning type nerve pain that seems to sit about halfway down my thigh between my ITB and my hamstring. Pigeon pose stretching on that side is impossible due to extreme pain and it's there as a dull background the whole time. Not affecting exercise just really annoying. Starting to get fed up... any suggestions?

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19 minutes ago, willie said:

Did physio say anything about piriformis? That's what gave me a niggle in the same spot... 

Easy way to test.ay on ground. Pull knee towards chest then towards opposite shoulder whilst still toward chest (that's off the top of my head at 1130pm). 

Yep, he reckons it's the muscle pinching the nerve... apparently some people have the nerve going right through the muscle... 

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Does sound like sciatic nerve issue. 

Can be adhesions or pressure anywhere along. Including a tight piriformis (butt muscle) or even lower back (I think it originates l4 l5. 

I think if the piriformis is super tight, inflamed or spasming, just stretching don't help. But a physio should be able to massage, or show you how to roll on a ball to relieve it. Or if it's coming from your lower back. Or, nerve glide exercises to relieve any adhesions along the way. 

Maybe try a different physio? Some are better than others. I've been though several, but have a great one now. 


Eta I'm not a physio, doctor or expert. Just have what seems a similar problem, and have for a while. With ongoing management. 


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