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Ironman WA 2018-My Last

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15 hours 47 minutes was the result  of an enjoyable long day, but my worst time by a long way.This was my 6th and final IMWA, and went into it with 16 weeks of training, with the aim of just a finish, so training was nothing too long or hard, and was interupted by a 3 week European cruise.Having completed 6 x Busso 70.3 races ,and 5 x IMWA races since 2008 my OCD kicked in early this year, and I decided I had to complete the dozen (6+6).This was the year to do it.I went in about 5kg heavier than my last IMWA in 2016.

The swim or slow float was 1:55 (target 1:45).I am a crap swimmer. I did not like the new course, and it felt longer than the awesome jetty route of yesteryear.Got out of the water with jelly legs which I have never had before.

I got onto to bike T1 and there were about 12-15 bikes still racked, the my heart sank a little, but was expected.

Bike leg was 6:58 (target 6:45), and I enjoyed the ride.Temperature was ideal and the wind nowhere near as bad as other years.It took me about 45 km to get my bike legs, but once going I passed a lot on the last lap.

Run leg was 6:34 (target 5:55).Aim was to jog the first two laps and reassess from there. Halfway through the second lap I got talking to a nice fella (Dan), and this slowed me down a fair bit. Last lap I made an effort to lift, and finished quite strong.

Mrs BR was there in the chute cheering me on, and I love the fact she follows me all day during these long races.Its a tough gig being the supporter of a BOPer. I've got a special one there.

I am proud to have notched up 6 IMWA's  since 2011, but its time to move on to something else.I am a little burnt out .Might buy a tinnie and go fishing.

I will still be doing swim/ride/run training in the future, but not for any racing purposes.

Well done to all the Trannies who finished.


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Well done BR, I reckon finishing like that "....an enjoyable long day" is a great way to say cheerio to IMWA. 


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Congrats on the dozen mate :)

Enjoy the new adventures, whatever they may be.

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