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TriHusky Standard 2018

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TriHusky Standard - 4th November 2018

Great swim. Stayed upright on the bike. Run, I’ll take it. 


As per usual, thank you to my beautiful wife who won’t let me race without her and looks after me so well, particularly on race days.

Back in beautiful Huskisson for my second ever Olympic/Standard (1.5km swim, 40km bike, 10km run) distance race. With a 9 am start and staying a stone's throw from transition, it was a pretty cruisy start to the day. 

An early season race meant the wetsuit was a good option in the 18-degree water and I took my sweet time making sure I was comfortable in it. After a quick dip in the water, it was time to get cracking. The usual counter-clockwise triangle course was in effect on a beautiful clear Spring morning, even the dolphins paid us a visit. After a slight bit of congestion at the start, things opened up a bit, and we made the first turn. With a concerted effort to sight frequently I noted a slight problem. The course buoys were red, the water safety crew were in red, and a fishing buoy near the course was… red. Slightly confusing and it took me a handful of sights to be confident I was going heading at the correct red thing. I did note a few heading for the fishing buoy ☹
Follow feet, sight, rinse, repeat. 

Two laps of the triangle and back into shore in 26:06, a cracking pace for me, was looking for 27:xx. 

Aside from a little trip running up the beach, T1 was quick and smooth. In fact, my best result of the day, 2nd fastest transition in my age group 😉. Usually, I am really slow here.

The bike was a slightly different path out of town to what I was used to with a few more turns, and as it happens, riding a trainer 12 months doesn’t leave you with many bike handling skills. But I stayed upright (with one or two heart-in-mouth moments) and managed to make it onto Woolamia Rd for the main section of the bike. Swimming 3-4 minutes quicker than I previously have I didn’t have as many riders to chase, but on the first leg out, I managed to pick off 4 or 5 riders one by one. 

The turnaround. That was pretty close to be embarrassing, but again, staying on the bike is what counts. Smashed it back into town to be greeted again by corners and another u-turn. Maybe I should look at doing lapped courses only 😉 

The wind had picked up a little by now, with the Sprint race coping some choppy conditions in the water, and in lieu of any power data, slowing my second lap on the bike. I didn’t feel fatigued but gave up an extra minute on the second lap, pulling into transition in 1:11:43. I was expecting to be a few minutes quicker, wondering how much the cornering and wind impacted this, oh to race with power.

Time for T2, which, again, was second quickest in my age group! I feel like the other guys were just having a nice day out. Run the bike in, off with the helmet and shoes, slip on the new shoes, grab the race belt, hat and gels and off to the run course to battle my arch nemesis, running. 

Before having some issues with my right foot 5 weeks out, I was keen to target 50 minutes, 10 x 5min/km. With limited run prep in the last 5 weeks the goal became whatever I could muster, hoping for 52 minutes, or 5:12min/km. The run course was a 2 lap out and back, with the out being vaguely downhill and the back being vaguely uphill. The first 3km was good (5:02min/km) with the legs still ticking along until the first of the vague inclines where my quads, very politely, suggested they may think about cramping. I had never experienced that before, but it shook my confidence enough that I backed off a bit. 

While backing off and going up some small inclines towards the turnaround, I managed to convince myself that I was struggling, resulting in the next (and easiest) 2.5km being my slowest at 5:25min/km. At this point, it was my classic struggle where I didn’t want to hurt, to push through the pain and enjoy it. I knew I could, and didn’t. Disappointing. I did the deal with myself that I would at least give it a crack after the turnaround. My increased effort was somewhat offset with the gradual incline but the effort was there and the pace was a bit better with the last KM coming in at 5:09. 

A few extra meters and into the finish chute for a run of 53:30 (5:21min/km average, but I reckon there was a 100m extra, so we’ll call it 5:17min/km average 😉) and a finish in 2:34:23. In my age group, I managed to snag 9th (of 25). Slowly moving up through the middle of the pack!


Results - https://www.multisportaustralia.com.au/races/15231/events/1/results/individuals/842?search=842
Swim - https://www.strava.com/activities/1944323416
Bike - https://www.strava.com/activities/1944323441
Run - https://www.strava.com/activities/1944323434


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Well done on moving up the ranks. Great report! Thanks for sharing. I'm with you re bike handling skills despite doing this sport for so many years. It has improved though as I started cycling to and from work this year. Always intrigued to try out the triathlon in Huskisson. Perhaps will get myself there one day when the timing is right.

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