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Zwift National Championships Announced

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2018 [AU_NZ_SA] Zwift National Championships - Australia - Badge.png

Zwift, the fitness platform born from gaming, is to host the Men’s and Women’s Zwift National Championships event for the Southern Hemisphere on Sunday August 26. Zwifters from Australia, New Zealand and South Africa will compete to earn the right to wear their national jersey in Zwift for a year, joining winners from 14 other nations from the Northern Hemisphere who earned their stripes in February earlier this year. These Championships saw a total of 2,415 Zwifters compete.

Both Men’s and Women’s events will take place in Watopia on the 14.2 mile long Volcano Circuit. The 2018 Men’s National Championship Race will take in a total of 2,007ft of climbing over 42.6 miles. The Women's 2018 Championship Event will take place over 28.4 miles, with a total of 1,338ft of climbing.

“I’m stoked for these!” says Ollie Jones, Zwift Academy Winner 2017. “I’d love to win the national colours and fly the New Zealand flag every time I race in Zwift. Unfortunately as the Zwift Academy winner from last year, I’ll no doubt have a target on my back but I’ll be giving it my best shot.”

As with all regular national championship events, entrants must enter the championship corresponding to their registered nationality, rather than country of residence.

All Zwifters are welcome to join the National Championships but in order to be declared the winner and Zwift National Champion entrants must abide by the following rules: Zwift National Championships Rules

● A valid National Cycling Federation race license is required
● By having membership to a National Cycling Federation, entrants are bound by the terms and conditions and the regulations of the Federation including the Code of Conduct, responsible riding policy, Member Protection Policy and Anti Doping Policy.
● Country eligibility will be based on which National Cycling Federation entrants have registered with. All potential winners will be requested to show their valid race license to be awarded the National Champion title.
● In order to be eligible for overall placings, the gender of the entrants Zwift profile must match the gender indicated on their National Cycling Federation license.
● All participants must register in advance of the race with Zwift Power and have it connected to their Zwift account via opting in.
● Strava data for the Zwift National Championship races must be open (not private or hidden)
● All riders are subject to ZwiftPower's standard for automatically disqualification based on Critical Power. These riders can be reinstated subsequent to verification by ZADA. Please see ZwiftPower.com for more information on Critical Power limits of varying durations for male and female riders.
● Riders are required to wear a functioning heart rate monitor which must provide reliable heart rate data for the majority of the race to be eligible for the win. ● zPower riders will not be eligible for the win
● Power Ups are allowed at all times
● No TT Bikes For more information on the Zwift National Championships, head to https://zwift.com/events/series/2018-zwift-national-championships/.

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16 minutes ago, Fitness Buddy said:

WTF are power ups.  Sounds like Mario Kart.

Can you toss bananas on the road too? 

I can't remember. i know I don't get them on the TT bike.

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9 hours ago, Fitness Buddy said:

WTF are power ups.  Sounds like Mario Kart.

Can you toss bananas on the road too? 

Tokens that give you drafting boost, featherweight, one other I think. They last for a bout 30 seconds, enter a zwift B or A grade race and you will be happy when they pop up.

When I am trying to hang on a wheel, and I get one I fear reaching over to the space bar as I worry that if I drop power for a second I will be dropped, but I also need that power up to hang.

In one of the shorter races, I came second last with 320 watts for 43 minutes average and that was with power ups

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Professional cycling has had power ups for years, especially US Postal. Of course virtual cycling should have them in some form

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