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Strange denizens of the office

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Yeah, I've known people like that. You're discussing an urgent project quote that needs a couple hours of work to finish it off, and the customer needs the results in the morning. Then once you've finished talking to them, they say, "OK, I'll get on to that Monday because I have to go home now & tomorrow is my RDO." 

WTF!  Either they should be finishing it this afternoon, or if they really can't stay, telling me up front so I don't waste 10 minutes going through it with them. It's easy to see sometimes why there are some Engineers that have been at the same base level for 30 years.


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13 hours ago, Bored@work said:

We have a coffee machine at work and some people still choose to drink the Nescafe Blend 43. What is wrong with these people. How bad is out HR to employee these weirdos.

Coffee and tea are essential items, just like a toilet. Had a staff member relocate to an adjacent business where they supply International Roast and powdered milk. No fridge in office. What the actual heck? 

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