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Is 70.3 a brand or distance?

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2 hours ago, wombattri said:

Doesn’t Ironman also brand Olympic distance as 5150 (or is it 5i50)?

and the itu said fark you, it aint olympic distance, its standard distance.... lol


As all the old farkers die, it wont matter, it is what it is

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I hated “70.3” when it came out - pure Americanism. As I understand it WTC wanted to register ‘Half Ironman Triathlon World Championship’ or some such name at the time they started the half world champs back in 2006. The ITU threatened legal action because it was in breach of the original peace accord between the two organisations that permitted WTC to use the title ‘world championship’ only in connection with ‘Ironman’. Hence ‘70.3’ was born as a lawyers dodge.

Over the years I’ve gotten used to it. I reckon these days 70.3 is known as both a brand and a distance. 

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