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Project - Adventure Bike

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I am not in these pages often. I don't know Jack about MTBing. But..... 


I have a 29er hardtail which is only used for Daddy/Daughter rides and is screaming "convert me to an Adventure Bike!" 


Now adventure bike is not a widely used term. Just something I made up for the description of what I want to do. 


Currently it has MTB handlebars and groupset. 3x10 SRAM. I'd like to try and put road handlebars on it and SOMEHOW rig the gears up so that I can use traditional road type hoods as I prefer this hand position on long rides. Also I have looked at rigid carbon front ends for it. The stock fork is crap and just makes it heavy. 


Wheels and brakes will remain stock. 


I do have an older 10spd Ultergra Groupset in the cupboard with shifters which I can use if I need to. 


Ideas please? 




I want to build a bike that I can go riding on, pretty much anywhere, for a reasonably cheap outlay. 

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I did this to my hardtail also. 

Very easy.  I can give more detail when i get home an have my computer. Phone is shiitt to type on

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Turns out I was no use to FFF at all. 

The clanger with my knowledge is I did this to my bike, running cable discs. 

FFF's is running hydraulic discs. 


Any bright sparks out there can assist?  

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I'm no expert at all mate but you mention 3 x SRAM then wanting traditional road hoods and new forks. Surely the combination of cost and faff wouldn't see you too far away from a new purpose built bike?

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