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Scicon 2.0 bike bag

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I'm not going to fly with the bike again, so the Scicon 2.0 has to go.  

This one: https://au.sciconbags.com/aerocomfort-2-0-tsa-bike-travel-bag

Suits road bike, minimal disassembly. Loosen clip on tribars and drop, remove wheels, end of story.  I don't know about integrated cockpits. 

Used thrice, once to MEL, once to London, once to Chicago.  TSA or someone cut off the original lock, replacement version.  Otherwise in really good condition,  no missing bits, in its storage bag at present.  I can throw in a box full of neoprene pipe lagging and velcro ties for frame protection, my patented egg carton derailleur box and floaties for the brake hoods.  

In northern Sydney. Life's too complicated right now to pack it for shipping, so pick up only.  I'll put it on Bike Exchange or eBay next weekend.  

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