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How do I approach my manager

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Hey mate,

A large part of my work is developing and maintaining schedules in P6. - Be-careful what you wish for :lol:!

An invaluable resource that I have found is a book by a guy called Paul Harris called "Planning & Control Using Oracle Primavera P6" It is a work through resource that takes you from Opening the Software through to the basic elements of developing and maintaining a fully resourced schedule. It doesn't tell you how to schedule but will give you an insight into the many nuances of the software, of which there are many! I think you can pick it up for around $110-120 but you do need access to a copy of the software. (I may have a need to have an off-site back up of my installation files :whistling:)

https://www.eh.com.au/P6V16PPM.html this is the link to the PPM version which I use, but there is also an EPPM version. I assume Mono's would be likely to have the EPPM.

To echo Rory's comments above, you'll want a thick skin and be prepared to rework, rework, rework. A plan rarely survives contact with the enemy, even with their input.

Good luck with it.


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Two weeks ago on the day I went on leave I saw an advert for planner in Karratha as a residential M-F gig on the gas plant, so I emailed HR as it’s with my company anyway.... I explained that this is perfect and that I would be so very keen, but I explained the background and what I’m aiming to achieve, well HR called me back immediately and said this is good because it’s hard to find a planner in Karratha, he then said he would chat to the manager who is recruiting and get back to me

he called the next day as we were travelling down to Busso and said the manager is keen to pursue it with me as they had decided this would be a junior type role (perfect as I’m just starting out and looking for an opportunity to get in), HR then advised they would seek a release from my current project which should be a no brainer as we have lost the contract anyway.

These things take time so I let it chill over the past two weeks but today I rang HR and it’s still in the works but looking good he said.  It’s the perfect opportunity as they want local Mon to Fri, I’m already here and employed by them and already on the gas plant.  

Im so hopeful this will pan out as I want, it will secure our future here in the pilbara for another 3 to 4 years which is what we want.  

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2 hours ago, KieranR said:

I’m going to go and introduce myself to the manager on Thursday when I get back to work and have a one on one chat.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained!

Remember to have three solid reasons why it would make sense for them (don't drop them immediately) and also the counters to their challenges as to why it may not!

It makes sense to me, from what you've explained. Make it make sense to them.... 

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