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What do you do to get away from Triathlon?

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29 minutes ago, Limited said:

I guess its like everything, you get what you pay for.

Which one do you have? and are you happy with it? Any others you would recommend?


We have a Stoney Creek FF6. Absolutely love it and would recommend. Service we have received from the group has been exceptional.

Are we happy with it?  Absolutely.  Having said that, we purchased this particular model to cater for us and all of our kids (as we are a Brady bunch). Our circumstances have now changed and we no longer need to sleep 6 or have all of this room, so if I had my time over, knowing what I know now, i would have gone for a much smaller option.

I did a heap of research over a good 12 months when we were looking, and to be honest, there is a million different options and it all depends on what you are looking for.

Amongst others, as well as our Stoney Creek, I would recommend lumberjack out of Geelong, Bluewater out of Pakenham, and Austrack out of QLD to name a few.

20 minutes ago, Cottoneyes said:

The other thing with the caravan we really dislike is pulling up for lunch requires the caravan to be opened up a bit to access the fridge and some cooking gear.  If going a caravan, pop-top at a minimum would be our recommendation if you do want to be able to pull over anywhere for a short break

This is the reason we will go for a hybrid model of some kind.  Fridge and kitchen both outside, the same as our current CT.  Prior to our current CT, we had an old Sunwagon pop top with stove etc inside.  We don't cook inside so it was just wasted space for us

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good stuff!

Ayto, stoked to hear you still do basic camping in the swag and Ute!  thats just the best i reckon.  I love the camper trailers and miss our old camprite badly, if i had of known we were coming back to Karratha i would never had sold it, i seriously couldn't think of a better trailer for our family of four.

My wife and I were actually just discussing the other day about if we should consider selling up the house back home and buying an offload caravan, its been a long held desire of ours to do that one day.  we are only young but id prefer to have it young and go see more of our country while we are young with our kids...i dont think we will ever loose that want to explore, id just like to explore longer.

Personally CP's shit me but they serve their purpose, when we did a lap a few years ago, i would book into a CP every 4 or 5 days when we could to give the wife her much needed day or two of "not camping" and access to a washing machine etc.

Did i mention ive also booked a beach humpy for my dad and I for 2 nights up at cape leveque (my favourite place) - See below

cape leveque 1.JPG

Cape Leveque.JPG

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Sweet Jesus..............that looks awesome!!!

Definately on the bucketlist

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Our first road trip of the year kicks off at lunchtime today as we head off for Perth, and then fly over to Melbourne (it’s too expensive to fly from here with 4 of us).  I ended up not being happy with my fridge slide I built so last minute Tuesday I ordered up a drop slide from Perth, and surprisingly it arrived on Wednesday arvo so I fitted it up last night, really happy with it. It weighs about 45kg though.  We plan on making it to Carnarvon tonight.




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I like to surf as my get away  so I don’t have Hillcrest shots with camping etc so today I built a board rack in the loft of the shed  to keep all my old boards...

one day I will get them up and running again


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