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Good Luck Rimmer

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7 hours ago, ironpo said:

Go cam 

gee you poms love the rain!!!

It's not a happy marriage :lol:

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2 minutes ago, ironpo said:

So how'd he go??

Not well, had a mechanical dnf.

On the plus side, we had a stonking pizza each and a great catch up. :wine:

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Here's the highlights: -

Swim was choppy and I hadn't raced a tri in 2 years. Kind-of bricking it. Loved the nervous energy. Got through it reasonably well and found some form. Didn't swallow too much salt water.

Quick transition - some people should look at how the ITU guys do it and take some 

Bike was great, but I knew I was a little underdone. It was the first time I'd raced the new Litespeed Blade and it is a jet of a bike. Anyone who says that Carbon is the optimal material hasn't ridden Ti! Also used the BYOS suit from De Soto and it is awesome - actually kind-of felt like racing in the nude!

Was cruising along and keeping everything in the plan (hoping to be off the bike in 3:30ish. The roads were awful in places and I lost a couple of fillings along the way. Then, just before the halfway point, the saddle clamp came loose and the saddle went vertical. I tried to fix it, but I didn't have any Allen keys with me (see the irony of my earlier post on what to carry!!!). I waited 45 minutes for a mechanical support, by which time I was cold and fed up and wanted the Sag. Waited for a further two hours with another guy on the side of the road, before walking 4km down the road to The Poachers Inn where they let us in to the warmth of the snug bar and gave us coffee. 

So, 2017 summary is: -

2 OW Swim races

1 Triathlon, 1 DNF

1 mouthfull of abuse from local drug addict whilst walking the broken bike back from Transition

1 MBA.

As I had no money to pay the pub for their hospitality, I have just sent them a cheque for £50 for their Christmas Party. Hopefully some good karma will come of it.

Time to move to Ireland (this weekend) and go XC Skiing in Norway in January.

FP is still a good bloke, although I am questioning his sanity after already thinking Lanzarote is a good option after Wales last weekend. 

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