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AP is selling his house....

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13 hours ago, The Customer said:

Swimming will be the biggest hurdle to overcome. Very difficult to coach someone online if you can't be poolside or if they don't have access to a 25m pool. India just don't have a culture of swimming and to change that will take generations.

They're building more pools - no where near as easy as it is here - I suggest that quite a lot of them swim with fins for a couple of months to take away the fight for survival until they're more comfortable in the water - you are right it will take a generation - but there are some good young ones coming on

I met a 16yr old girl who can run OK and has swum a 2.21 - 200m  and is really interested in triathlon, her dad does them and she's about to get a bike - I wish she lived around here - with her swim developed already the other legs will come together pretty easily

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I swam at Pacific Sports Complex for the first time on Monday. 50m pool but they didn't have lane ropes out. Water quality was OK but not what you're used to back home. It seems a bit cloudy but that's from the chemicals they are using but no chlorine smell. There was me a 7 others in the pool.

The only problem I had, was they were being 'coached' but going across the pool, not length wise! Made it hard at times but gave me sighting practice as I went through them.

I'm not a coach AP but have been coached for a few years. If any of your contacts here want to catch up for a few swim or run sessions, let me know. I can point out the obvious and perhaps give them motivation. 

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