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Facebook, I dont like it!

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6 hours ago, pieman said:

 To be honest yeah it does sound like you have a problem... i am a massive introvert and think along the same lines as you but still go as it's important to my kids and wife.   Often ill stand by myself watch tv or on phone but kids are rapt just to have me there..

There is absolutely nothing wrong with being an introvert. Introversion or extroversion is not about liking company or not, but about how you get your energy to recover and refresh yourself. I like my own company and need solitude to recover. Others like to be around people. People are different.

I also relate to the "being around other Dads" thing. Although not a father myself, I can't stand the boorish mentality of some Dads and some of them bore me to death - put a bullet in me before I'll willingly traipse around Ikea or a garden store on a weekend. I hate small talk and I hate how some people seem to mock their wives and kids like it's some sort of joke!

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