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Port Race Reports

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Has anyone had the time to pen any race reports yet?

I love reading other people's preparation and execution, especially at the IM and 70.3 distance.

Would love to read some reports from the Trannie participants.

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Here's mine.........should make everyone feel better - plus its short

If you are going to fail, ensure you fail gloriously. Ironman Australia, always a day that takes all that you have and I can safely say that yesterday It took it all, literally. A serious struggle that had me crook from 5km into the run. Steven Newman told me not to quit (actually I believe it was "don't you ****en quit on me Derek). I told him that they would have to drag me off the course. As it turns out they did. 24km in and after waiving off various attempts at assistance I finally collapsed against a barrier, was caught by a random old dude - thanks - and Mel, who by that stage I believe had sensed I was about to go - big thanks. Doctors called, ambo called and straight to the Med tent. 2 hours later, a bucket load of IV and being used as a pin cushion by the local med students I was back on my feet(ish).

A huge shout out to Mel for all her support in the lead up to the race and for putting up with my antics yesterday. Thanks also for Newman and Dani who kept the chat up whenever they saw me - both Ironman Legends. And to Jo - big day yesterday you are now an Ironman - still can't believe you didn't walk the Shute.

I am not disappointed, I wanted to test myself and see how far I could push my mind and body, and I did. If you are going to fail, choose how you fail, fail gloriously.

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On 15/05/2017 at 7:03 PM, RunBrettRun said:

I'll add mine here.


I wanna start by saying I'm dissapointed but I've also learnt a few things, I think as long as you learn then no race is ever a waste.


I hit raceday in probably the best run form I ever have been in for ironman and with the most consistent bike build.  My swim was lacking but as swimming is to feel it just is what it is.  On the flip side it's the worst ive been with diet since cairns 2014 so I was a little curious to see what would happen.


It was weird having a race at home.  Not traveling sort of left me less prepared to the point I forgot to take one of my key nutrition supplements race morning.  Though knowing I'd have some extra support on course and also managed to score a local toilet before race start was a big help.


Swim was as expected clean and calm water but I seemed to miss all the good packs.  It wasnt until til I had turned to come back to the boat ramp that I actually got some good feet to sit on.  None the less I came out of the water with who I considered the guy to beat in my age group and we started the bike together.


As expected I was dropped by the stronger guys pretty quickly but I know who they are and if I stick to my plan and ride sensibly then I shouldn't give up more than 10 min which I know i can claw back on the run. 


First 60k was uneventful, got into a nice group, 3 of us working hard and picking up time on the better swimmers in front.  5 guys sitting in doing sfa, but not much you can do about that.   At 60k my power meter started reading 2000w.  I thought the issues with it were resolved so this was a weird one I hadn't seen before.  Anyways I thought when I come to a downhill next ill spin backwards 6 times and do a quick reset and see what happens.  So what happens is your chain drops off and you lose the group you're riding g with.....

Anyways I also managed to loop the chain twice, I've never seen this before so that added 2 min to my unplanned stop.  I could not for the life of me figure out how to fix it.  Anyways I finally did, and was on my way.  Worst part was it was on Mathew flinders drive so I busted myself trying to make up time on the group I just lost.  By the time i calmed a bit I was on my way back out of town and pro  burnt a match or two.  


Anyways lap two was pretty lonely.  Passed a few and one bloke latched on.  He stuck to me for the whole lap and it wasn't till we came back through bonny hills he went to the front.  I must say I was quite dismayed to see the group I had been riding with were now tangled up with my mate Clintred off here.  It's kind of frustrating seeing where you might have been...


Anyways back in town and off the bike, I've been thinking 2:5x might be possible for a month or so now and I had made the decision pre rave that I was going to have a crack.  There was nothing on the line for me in this race.  I'm not going to kona so I might as well experiment a little.  Anyways after coming off the bike about 10min behind where I wanted  (expected) I hit the run hard.  Had a few ks around the 4.07-4.10 mark then settled in to some solid 4.15-4.20 stuff.  I felt great and was taking time off a lot of guys I could see my mate Clint about 10m in front of me at the 27k mark and everything just went fuzzy.   Never really happened before.  Nutrition had been pretty good, had all my gels and lots of water but one minute I was running sub 4.20 pace the next a local mate caught me when I almost fell onto someones front yard at settlement point.


Anyways safe to say this is where my day ended.  I walked the next 3 or so ks a friend helped me clear the air from my lungs by making me squeeze my chest either side and blow out hard.  Got me running again so maybe that's what I needed.  Cruised home just under 5min pace and really enjoyed the finish shute.

9.40.45 with the biggest blow up ive had in an ironman.   I think my day ended the moment my chain dropped off but these are the little things ill know to ignore next time.  Running the first 5-8k sub 4.10 pace might have been a little stupid too but I had targets I was chasing.  Again it's a learning experience and hopefully one day will help me execute better more often.


I thoroughly enjoyed the day, having a big group of close friends I train with every week and seeing them have great days made it an awesome experience.


Seeing my closest training partner score a kona spot after 15 attempts was gold.  All round ironman australia was awesome, but I think all ironman races are awesome.

Even with the setbacks you've achieved far more than what us mere mortals can. I can only dream about those times. Well done on toughing it out.

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